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The US National Guard found the stolen Humvee


(News 24h) – The US National Guard found the previously stolen Humvee armored vehicle in Los Angeles.

According to CNN, the Humvee stolen from the National Guard arsenal near Los Angeles was found on the morning of January 20 on the banks of a river in intact condition.

“The car was found only running out of fuel. After being filled with the tank, the car was back to normal operation,” said the US National Guard in a statement.

The American national war has replaced Humvee
The Humvee car found.

“Humvee was found without losing any prize money,” the source stressed. Even so, it is still unclear who carried out this cheeky theft.

On January 17, the Los Angeles office of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said on Twitter: “A Humvee car painted green camouflage was stolen from the base of the California National Guard on January 15. “.

The agency announced a $ 10,000 reward for providing information to help identify the lost car.

The Humvee is the most stolen of any US military vehicle. In July 2020, two men stole a US Army Humvee vehicle in Arkansas and plunged into a ditch about an hour later.

A man broke into the Washington National Guard arsenal in February 2018, stole a Humvee and escaped through the main gate. This man drove the car to the Yakima Training Center and said he wanted to join the US Army.

Armored Humvee can reach a top speed of 113 km / h and maintain a speed of 89 km / h at full load.

This vehicle was developed to replace the Jeep M151 used from World War II, but is gradually being marginalized by the US military to switch to a mine-resistant armor model called the Light Joint Tactical Vehicle (JLTV).

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