The ships of the US Navy's Fifth Fleet are based in Bahrain. Photo: AFP.

The US-led maritime coalition patrols the Gulf

The United States, Britain, Australia and some Western countries began the Sentinel campaign with warships patrolling the waters near Iran.

"The Sentinel operation is a defensive measure to protect the Gulf region's waters from threats and pose no threats. We use patrol capable warships but are not intended to attack. but only protect each other if attacked, "Vice Admiral Jim Malloy, commander of US naval forces in the Middle East, speaking at the command center of the International Maritime Security Building (IMSC) campaign in Bahrain today.

According to this campaign, ships will be escorted by ships of all countries in the alliance through the Strait of Hormuz, a hot spot on the route to transport oil from the Middle East. Mr. Malloy affirmed that the US commitment to the region is long-term and the Sentinel campaign will continue to be carried out until no more threats appear.

The ships of the US Navy's 5th Fleet are based in Bahrain. Image: AFP.

IMSC was formed in June to protect the world's oil supply from threats, especially from Iran. Bahrain, where the US Navy's 5th Fleet was stationed, joined IMSC in August, and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates joined one month later.

Australia, Britain and several Western countries also agreed to dispatch warships to escort cargo ships in the Gulf. The newest member, Albania, joined the alliance last weekend.

The coalition was formed after mysterious oil attacks in the Gulf. The US and its allies accuse Iran of being behind the attacks, but Tehran denies it. Iran also proposes to establish a Gulf security alliance, but only between countries in the region and without the participation of any external powers.

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