The US launched another blow to prevent China from owning the Motor Sich

The US launched another blow to prevent China from owning the Motor Sich

(International relations) – The fate of the famous Motor Sich engine complex of Ukraine has yet to be determined.

The Apostrophe page recently published a remarkable article about the conflict between financial groups and international politics over Ukraine’s aerospace technology, specifically the ownership of the dynamic production complex. The famous Motor Sich aircraft engine

In the latest development, the US Commerce Department has imposed additional sanctions on Chinese company Skyrizon, it is the largest investor holding a controlling stake in Motor Sich.

The US move took place on January 15, according to officials in Washington, Skyrizon poses a threat to US national security, which was particularly emphasized by US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. .

The Ukrainian press commented clearly that the US is seeking to prevent Chinese companies from taking control of strategically important areas of Ukraine’s economy, so that the technologies obtained will return to the benefit of Beijing.

The US launched more Chinese documents from Motor Sich
The dispute over Ukraine’s Motor Sich aircraft engine production complex remains unpredictable

Prior to that, more than 50% of Motor Sich’s shares were acquired by Skyrizon through its legal office Xinwei Technology Group. SBU’s Security Agency – SBU has interfered with Chinese investment, accused of violating antitrust laws.

According to businessman Alexander Yaroslavsky – who owns a quarter of the shares of Motor Sich, the Ukrainian Antitrust Committee had to act in this case because of strong outside pressure, the purpose of breaking the signing. concluding agreements with Chinese partners.

“It is clear that the close cooperation between Kiev and Beijing, especially in the high-tech industries, is incompatible with the security and economic interests of the US, especially when China’s military power is in the process. the growth has been rapidly increasing, “the Apostrophe commented.

At various levels of intervention, the US is trying to prevent the sale of Motor Sich to China. Washington urged Kiev to give up cooperation with Skyrizon, they talked about the high risk of leaking military technology. It is therefore no coincidence that the Shevchenko District Court in Kiev decided to seize 56% of the shares of the Chinese company at the request of SBU.

In the future, Ukraine faces important choices. They will cooperate with China, accept obstacles about their ability to integrate into Europe in the future and its proximity to the US, and also bet the possibility of important data leaks for China. .

On the other hand, financing from China and future orders will certainly allow the business to stand firm and thrive. In addition, if you cancel the agreement, the fine will be so great that Motor Sich cannot afford it.

This is a difficult decision and the Ukrainian government may not be able to prolong it any longer.

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