The US, Japan and Canada supported Taiwan pineapples after the Chinese ban

The US, Japan and Canada supported Taiwan pineapples after the Chinese ban

The embassies on behalf of the United States, Japan and Canada in Taiwan are all taking part to help promote Taiwanese pineapples in response to China’s ban on imports of this fruit.

China unexpectedly announced on February 26 that it would ban pineapple imports from Taiwan starting March 1 due to concerns about “harmful organisms”. This decision has been accused by Taiwan of “politically motivated”.

In support of Taiwan, the American Institute in Taiwan posted some pictures of pineapples in and around the office complex on Facebook, with hastags like #realfriendsrealprogress (true friends – real development) ) and #pineapplesolidarity (unite for pineapple). The Facebook post also added, “Did you buy pineapple? We bought it! “ One of the photos also shows 3 pineapples on the desk of AIT Director Brent Christensen.

Meanwhile, the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association also posted on Facebook, showing Japanese chief representative Izumi Hiroyasu and other staff enjoying Taiwanese pineapples. The actual Japanese embassy also said its head chef was researching pineapple-related recipes, and asked the Taiwanese netizens to suggest.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (CTOT) also posted a photo on Facebook of CEO Jordan Reeves with staff photographing around two Hawaiian pizzas and two pineapples with the message “At CTOT, we love the pineapple on our pizza, especially the Taiwanese pineapple!”

Since the pineapple ban was announced, politicians and people in Taiwan have posted articles related to pineapple on social media, encouraging people to buy and eat the fruit to support farmers. local.

Foreign Minister Joseph Wu launched the “Free Pineapple” campaign on Twitter. On the same day, President Thai Anh Van also went to Twitter, calling on the public to buy Taiwanese pineapple. She writes that, like with Australian wine, China’s trade is unfair “Is targeting Taiwanese pineapples, despite the fact that 99.79% of imported shipments have passed inspections.”

Popular support is so great that businesses and people in Taiwan are said to have bought the entire year’s pineapple exports to China in just four days, according to Newtalk.

On March 2, Taiwan’s Agriculture Minister (COA) Chen Chi-chung announced that as of noon that day, Taiwanese farmers had received pre-orders for 41,687 tons of pineapples from companies, trading platforms. e-commerce and consumer, has exceeded the number of annual exports to China.

Of these, more than 180 companies ordered 7,187 tons of pineapples, 19 companies ordered 15,000 tons of processed pineapples, 14 beverage shops ordered 4,500 tons, wholesalers and street vendors ordered 10,000 tons, and Exporters and foreign corporations have an order of 5,000 tons, according to the COA.

Chen said that with China’s ban, Taiwan will work to develop new overseas markets, including Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

On average, Taiwan produces about 420,000 tons of pineapples per year. By 2020, 97% of pineapples will be exported to China, 2% will be exported to Japan and 1% will be exported to Hong Kong.

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