The US is holding 700 minors who cross the border without a parent

The US is holding 700 minors who cross the border without a parent

Axios reported that, according to an internal Customs and Border Protection document they had, as of 8:15 a.m. on Feb. 21, more than 700 children from Mexico illegally crossed the border into the United States. and was arrested by the border patrol. These minors are not accompanied by a parent.

Illegal immigration on the US border (Image: Fishman64 / Shutterstock)

According to Axios, this phenomenon clearly shows that President Biden is brewing a refugee border crisis. The Biden administration may have found that it is easy to say it is easy to say that preventing the cages of children in cages on the southern border, but solving the problem is difficult.

After Mr. Biden took office, the area with the most moves was immigration policy, which took a series of measures to invalidate policies during the Trump presidency. Mr. Biden has ordered to suspend construction of the wall on the southern border, end a travel ban, and loosen refugee policies, including the Agreement to protect migrants “stay in Mexico”. (Migrant Protection Protocols) that the Trump administration has implemented since January 2019. This policy is to prevent Central American refugees from entering the US on the grounds of political asylum.

The Republican Party member warned that Mr. Biden’s immigration policy would lead to a large number of refugees opting north out of expectation of loosening law enforcement and refugee policy.

There have been some experts saying that Mr. Biden reversed Mr. Trump’s immigration policy in part causing the large numbers of children traveling to the border unaccompanied recently. America is afraid it will once again face the wave of unaccompanied child refugees in Central America as it did during the Obama administration.

Normally, the number of people entering illegally at the US-Mexico border peaks in the spring, now just February, but the number of minors has soared to 700.

More than 700 of these unaccompanied Central American minors are waiting to be transferred into refugee facilities supervised by the US Department of Health. Including more than 200 people were detained for more than 48 hours at the border patrol station.

According to the internal document, nine minors who entered illegally are detained longer than the 72 hour limit.

Influenced by the Wuhan pneumonia virus, a refugee facility supervised by the Ministry of Health can only accept a limited number of children who enter illegally, and the Biden administration has been forced to temporarily open the door. asylum for these children in Texas.

A government official revealed that the facilities for receiving illegally entered children were operating overloaded. Just on February 23, one day, more than 400 children illegally entered were transferred to the refugee facility of the Ministry of Health. While the highest point of 2019 has an average of 294 people in 30 days.

At the White House press conference on Feb. 24, spokesperson Jen Psaki admitted that some children who entered illegally and without an accompanying adult were detained for 4-5 days or even longer in the Department of Hai Border protection and protection.

She blamed the delay on the extreme weather in Texas last week. She said that a number of refugee facilities in the long run “There is no electricity and cannot receive these children and provide them with safe accommodation.”

Ms. Jen Psaki said that the current government and the past authorities have different handling methods for children entering the country. Although used by Mr. Biden “cage” like the Trump administration (cages created from the Obama era) to keep these children, but a Biden administration spokesman denied any differences with the Trump administration before. She said that this is an open facility that does not lock children in cages.

In addition, the Biden administration suspended an emergency medical order, forbidding the rapid deportation of foreign children illegally crossing the border.

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