The US is afraid of Russia misunderstanding when sending the Aegis near its base
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The US is afraid of Russia misunderstanding when sending the Aegis near its base

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                        The US Navy has just sent its strongest fleet of warships to Barents – Russia’s largest military base.

The US warship squadron of three Aegis destroyers carrying guided missiles USS Donald Cook, USS Porter and USS Roosevelt and British missile guard ship HMS Kent entered the Barents Sea on May 4 to “exercise the rights” freedom of navigation and expression of smooth coordination among allies “.

My Russian understands that it is very difficult to treat Aegis
US warship squadron.

“The Pentagon informed the Russian military about this activity three days earlier to avoid misunderstandings, limit dangers and avoid escalating tensions,” the US Navy in Europe (USNFE) said.

Meanwhile, the National Defense Coordination Center under the Russian Ministry of Defense said the Northern Fleet was monitoring all activities of the NATO warship group, but did not give further details.

Barents are part of the Arctic Ocean, bordering the coasts of Russia and Norway. The port city of Murmansk, home to the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet, is also located on the coast of the Barents Sea.

US Navy warships frequently appeared in the Barents Sea during the height of the Cold War, but have stopped doing so since the mid-1980s.

But the Russian-American race in the Arctic has been heating up in recent years, as climate change could make the region’s vast oil and gas reserves more accessible.

Russian President Vladimir Putin once declared the North Pole “the most important region for Russia’s future”, before establishing the Far East and Arctic Development Ministry. Meanwhile, the United States has also begun to pay attention to Russian activity in the Arctic, saying that strategic changes in the area are needed.

In 2018, NATO organized a Trident Juncture exercise with the participation of 40,000 soldiers, marking the largest military operation in Norway in more than 10 years, to test the combat capability of soldiers in the Extreme conditions near the North Pole.

Meanwhile, Russia has also deployed a large number of its most powerful weapons to the region and turned the Northern Fleet into the most heavily armed base of the Russian Army.

Under the newly announced equipment plan, Russia will also prioritize deploying Poseidon nuclear torpedoes when it is officially put into service.

The Russian military said that the “war to divide the Arctic land” had started with the increasing participation of countries outside the Arctic region. Therefore, investing in this area is absolutely essential.

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