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The US has announced a number of sanctions waivers for Venezuela

Photos of Venezuelan Bolivars are on display at the Central Bank in Caracas. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

The waiver makes it clear that payment to the Venezuelan Government of the taxes, import duties and other necessary transactions related to the day-to-day activities of the people will be allowed despite the executive order on 8/8 banned US companies from trading with the Venezuelan Government.

The United States has imposed sanctions on Venezuela to pressure President Nicolas Maduro to resign. Critics argue that these sanctions have affected Venezuelan citizens and the private sector.

Private companies, from software vendor Adobe Inc to banks in Florida, say they are uncomfortable in normal business activities in Venezuela or relationships with individuals in the country, at risk. Some transactions may involve state entities.

On November 5, the United States said that the assets of Venezuela's state employees and contractors in hospitals, schools and universities should not be stopped under sanctions.

On the same day, November 5, the US Treasury Department announced its decision to punish 5 more Venezuelan senior officials. Under sanctions, all assets as well as other interests of the above officials within US jurisdiction will also be frozen, and these individuals will also be banned from entry into the United States. Earlier, all five high-ranking officials were put on sanctions list by Canada and the European Union (EU).

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