The US government is worried that Trump unilaterally attacked nuclear

The US government is worried that Trump unilaterally attacked nuclear

(News 24h) – US lawmakers are concerned that in the last days in office, President Donald Trump will use his nuclear arsenal of his own will.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives – Nancy Pelosi approached President of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – General Mark Milli, with a proposal to strip President Donald Trump’s nuclear missile access code.

This comes from a letter Mrs. Pelosi sent to the Democrats. According to concerns, President Trump could use the US nuclear arsenal for his own benefit and, first of all, to hold power in his hands. How are fears of American politicians justified?

The US government worries that Trump is unresponsive
The US government is concerned about the scenario of Mr. Trump unilaterally starting a nuclear war

In a letter to members of her party, Pelosi spoke of a conversation with General Mark Milli about “available precautions to prevent an unstable president from waging war or having access. the launch code to order a nuclear attack ”.

According to Ms. Pelosi, politicians and the military should unite and do whatever they can to protect the American people from attacks on “the country and democracy”. The House Speaker’s fears stem from the fact that until January 20, Mr Trump is the only person in the government who can order a nuclear strike.

However, according to the military expert Alexei Valyuzhenich’s note, Pelosi’s statements indicate a lack of understanding of the matter. So the expert believes that there is no need to fear a nuclear war (at least in the near future).

The US government worries that Trump is unresponsive
Mr Trump alone cannot launch a nuclear war

“If it was the President of the United States alone, it would be impossible to order a nuclear strike. Not to mention exactly how nuclear war can help Trump stay in power. He will defeat Biden with blows. Exactly, or will level the Capitol “?

“The president has a control panel. But this is not a cinematic red button, you only have to press it once – the world is in dust. He can accept the final order to attack. Yes. more, only he can do it “.

“But for the blow to be launched, there must be at least 10 people involved. First, you need to enter the launch code – the president has only one of them. The rest are by the Minister of Defense, the President of the Association. Joint Chief of Staff and a number of other senior officials hold “.

An access code is also required, which the commander of the missile unit, submarine or ship with nuclear weapons on board possesses. Meaning, Mr. Trump alone will not be able to do this with all his wishes.

Second, the warning data must be loaded, including the coordinates, the impact strength … this is a special precaution in the event that a person in a bad mood cannot start a war.

As a bonus, I will add that the submarine commander clearly has more chances to wage war, he can fire a missile, just that the missile won’t explode while still falling. target. President Trump doesn’t even have this opportunity alone, military expert Alexei Valyuzhenich concluded.

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