The US does not provide enough vaccines, the EU will buy from Russia

The US does not provide enough vaccines, the EU will buy from Russia

The European Drug Administration (EMA) is reviewing the Sputnik V vaccine approval application, developed by the Gamaleya Institute of Moscow amid malfunctioning US orders for the Pfizer vaccine and will ship in small quantities.

My country does not have vaccines, the EU will buy from Russia
Russia may issue the COVID-19 vaccine quantity to Europe.

In a post on Twitter, the Gamaleya Institute said that its experts met with the European Union’s (EU) healthcare regulatory body. The Russian Direct Investment Fund said that the Sputnik V vaccine sponsor has already applied for registration in Europe and expects the European Pharmaceutical agency to review it for approval in February 2021 as soon as possible.

“Based on these assessments, the EMA will decide on the authorization of Sputnik V to the European Union” – a statement from the Foundation said.

The Russian vaccine registration has been paid more attention in the context that Europe is having trouble with vaccine orders from US pharmaceutical company Pfizer in collaboration with German biotechnology firm BioNTech.

Countries including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden have received less than expected vaccine shipments and consider the situation “unacceptable” and warn the situation “undermines the credibility of the process. immunization ”.

The problem with the Pfizer vaccine was further exploded after the deaths of many elderly people in Norway following a Pfizer vaccine injection. In addition, other side effects after Pfizer vaccination are facial muscle paralysis.

Although Norwegian health officials said that the cause of death was not directly related to the Pfizer vaccine, side effects of facial paralysis still cause concern in the psychology of vaccination recipients.

In the context of the EU’s gradual acceptance of the Russian vaccine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently said that the German pharmaceutical regulator in the EU will support the Russian vaccine licensed in the EU.

The German chancellor said she believes in cooperation with the Russian authorities despite differing political views.

“I spoke to the Russian President. We know that Russia has the Sputnik V vaccine and I said that, if possible, it would be humanitarian cooperation during a pandemic, despite the strong political differences “- Chancellor Merkel said.

In a statement, the Hungarian side said it was pleased to be the first country in the EU to approve Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine. Mr. Matyás Szentiványi, General Director of the National Institute of Pharmaceutical and Nutrition Hungary confirmed that the vaccine Sputnik V has been licensed for use in the territory of Hungary.

The approval decision is valid for 6 months and can then be extended, he added.

Hungary earlier faced a candid confrontation with the EU when it accepted to participate in the Russian vaccine trial despite the Union’s refusal to include the Sputnik V vaccine in the European joint vaccination program. Russian and Chinese vaccines were excluded from the EU’s common strategy, but now things are different.

In an interview with Budapest-based Radio Kossuth in January 2021, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban praised the Russian vaccine and said he was “not satisfied with the speed” of EU plans to access to COVID-19 vaccine.

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