A drone from DJI company flew over Shanghai, China in 2015. Photo: Reuters.

The US Department of the Interior stopped using Chinese drones

The US Department of the Interior stopped using hundreds of Chinese-made drones to address security issues.

U.S. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt requires the agency not to use any Chinese-made unmanned aerial vehicles or parts manufactured in China, except for emergency use, such as fire, rescue, and assistance in natural disasters, the US Department of the Interior said on October 31.

All 810 Ministry of Interior drones have components made in China. The restraining order lasts until the security investigation is completed.

A drone from DJI company flew over Shanghai, China in 2015. Photo: Reuters.

The Ministry of the Interior uses unmanned aerial vehicles for many things, such as mapping, fire and land management. Mark Bathrick, director of the Office of Aviation Services of the US Department of the Interior, said his agency had saved many lives thanks to the device. "They have changed the game," he said.

The move reflects US concerns about Chinese technology being used in espionage. US officials warn of a threat from drones, especially those made by Chinese companies that dominate the DJI market.

The Trump administration has sanctioned several Chinese companies for allegedly threatening national security or violating civil rights in China, including telecommunications equipment maker Huawei as well as several surveillance companies. and other artificial intelligence.

Earlier this year, the US Department of Homeland Security said that "it is very concerned about every technology that transmits US data to China, giving the intelligence agency access to the data or misuse of its rights." there".

DJI, which makes more than 70% of the drones sold in the US and around the world, said it was disappointed by the decision. Last year, the Drones Research Center at Bard University found that more than 500 U.S. emergency agencies purchased at least one flying device from DJI.

At a press conference yesterday, China's Foreign Ministry expressed hope that the US would "stop abusing the concept of national security" and need to create a more friendly atmosphere with Chinese companies.

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