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The US Department of Commerce confirmed that Huawei is still in the "prohibition list", despite President Trump's statement

In a surprise announcement last weekend at the G20 summit, President Trump said US corporations had "been able to continue doing business with Huawei, because there were no major national security issues." ". Huawei itself is also unexpected, not just Americans. Huawei itself claims to be waiting for the US Department of Commerce's decision to continue working with Google, Microsoft and many other corporations.

And it seems that the US Department of Commerce itself was surprised by the president : D The reason is that, recently, Reuters re-posted the e-mail that John Sonderman, the Deputy Director of Export Execution of the Ministry of Commerce, sent to personnel under him, thereby confirming to any of the ministry officials Any transaction between Huawei and US corporations must be marked for this company "Still on the list of prohibited".

According to Reuters, a close source said "The letter is the only guide for economic officials to receive."

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While President Trump signaled that selling Huawei devices to the US might not be banned anymore, his decision was very lacking. MP Marco Rubio said, “If President Trump agrees to reverse sanctions against Huawei, he has made a serious mistake. It will destroy the credibility of the warnings issued by your government regarding the security risks that Huawei can create, and no one will appreciate your words from now on. ”

Chairman of the National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, stated that the removal of the ban only applies to "consumer products", meaning smartphones, laptops or end-user products for Huawei, and must ensure that these products do not create network security risks.


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