The US denies attacking Iranian cargo ships in the Red Sea

The US denies attacking Iranian cargo ships in the Red Sea

At the time of the attack, the large cargo ship Saviz was off the coast of Eritrea. According to Tasnim news agency, the ship was attacked with a sea mine, forming a large hole. The attack left some people injured.

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Saviz cargo ships of Iran.

The attack mine is defined as a limpet as a magnet that attaches to the hull (a limpet is a star, a cone-shaped shellfish that often hangs on sea surfaces). This type of mines is often used to attack ships in the Gulf for the past time.

Iran has not made an official statement about the attack, but soon after the attack there emerged questions about the US forces behind the attack. However, Al Arabiya quoted the US forces claiming that the US did not carry out or be behind this attack.

According to this source, it is likely that it is possible to be behind the attack on this Iranian cargo ship in retaliation for Iran’s previous attacks on Israeli ships. “Israel informed the US after carrying out the attack,” said the source from Al Arabiya.

The incident happened the same day that US and Iranian officials had talks in Austria to restore the 2015 nuclear deal. Both countries evaluated the dialogue as constructive.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the same day announced that this dangerous agreement should not be reversed and stressed that Israel would continue to defend against Iran’s aggression in the region.

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