The US coalition planned to hold a summit against the CCP

The US coalition planned to hold a summit against the CCP

The US is conducting joint exercises in Guam with Australia and Japan, in an attempt to respond to attacks from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Russia. The US also called on four countries to hold summits, promoting the formation of a small NATO in the Asia-Pacific region.

A US Navy McDonnell Douglas F / A-18C Hornet from the Naval Aviation Operations Center, Armory (NAWCWD), China Lake, California (USA), was in flight. (Official photo of the US Navy [1] from the Naval Aviation Operations Center, Armory.)

The joint drills at Andersen Air Base will begin on Wednesday and run until February 19. This base is the first to receive F-35A combination attack fighters.

The United States Air Force in the Pacific region declared that the exercise was intended to enhance the ability of the three nations, in conducting humanitarian activities, to combat natural disasters in the region. This activity also includes air combat exercises, aimed at improving their overall flexibility and communication abilities.

Japan’s Kyodo news agency reported that the United States called for the first summit among the group’s leaders. “4 countries”. Because the new government hopes to reinforce a framework. Some observers believe that this framework may evolve into one “Small NATO”, against the CCP’s growing power in the Asia-Pacific region.

For the Biden administration, which attaches great importance to coordination with allies and friendly countries, the 4-nation framework is “The foundation of the US Indo-Pacific policy”. Now this depends on whether India, which keeps a little distance from the other three, agrees to join the meeting. China has shown a high level of vigilance towards the cooperation of the four countries, and is expected to strongly oppose this summit meeting.

January 6, after “Law on Maritime Police” permission to use weapons was enforced on January 1, ships of the China Coast Guard entered Japanese territorial waters for the first time near the Senkaku Islands (China called Diaoyu Island). How to cope with these marine activities will likely become the focus of the summit.

The four-country framework is motivated, as the former Shinzo Abe administration and the Trump administration have the same idea. Meetings of the four foreign ministers have been held twice since September 2019. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and US President Biden agreed to push ahead with the framework, during their first telephone summit in January this year.

In his first diplomatic speech on February 4, Mr. Biden pointed out that China (CCP) is “Toughest competitor” and stressed that China is strengthening its ambition to confront the United States. He also said that he would consider cooperating with allies to advance China policy.

The US-India will do joint exercises

Voice of the United States reported that the United States and India will hold joint exercises this year to further strengthen the coordination between the two militaries.

The US diplomatic mission to India announced on Feb. 5 that US and Indian Army personnel will hold joint drills. “Prepare for war” (Yudh Abhyas) this year, at “Mahajan outdoor shooting range” in Rajasthan, India, February 8 to 21.

The US Pacific Army sponsored exercise involved about 250 US soldiers and 250 Indian soldiers, including “Command exercises” (CPX) and “Field training drill” (FTX). The exercises at the headquarters will focus on a single mission, in UN peacekeeping operations, with common military scenarios. Field training will include cooperative skills, aimed at improving joint combat capabilities. Both drills will be held simultaneously.

The US diplomatic mission to India said the joint drills mainly used cultural training and exchange activities, improved mutual interoperability between the two countries’ militaries, and fostered mutual relations. long-term cooperation between the armies of the two countries in the Indo-Pacific region, through mutual bilateral defense objectives.

The Department of Defense will consider the global military deployment of the United States

Mr. Austin, the head of the US Department of Defense, announced on the Department of Defense website a few days ago that the United States would check the status of its armed forces around the world and report to the original. national capital.

“As directed by the President, the Department of Defense will review the state of the armed forces around the world, including military presence, resources, strategy and mission.” The Defense Secretary said in a statement: “This will allow me to discuss how action should be taken in accordance with national interests, to make a petition to the commander-in-chief.”

Mr. Austin stated that the investigation will be conducted in consultation with the acting Deputy Secretary of Defense, responsible for political affairs, along with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and US allies.

President Biden announced his intention to conduct a global parade, in his speech at the State Department, on the status of the United States in the world. He pointed out that the United States would suspend plans to withdraw its troops from Germany during the period of scrutiny.

As of September of last year, 1.2 million people had served in the country’s overseas military bases, according to data from the US Department of Defense. Japan currently contains the largest overseas army with 53,732 troops. Germany is the second largest US with 33,959 troops, followed by South Korea with 26,416 troops, Italy with 12,249 troops and the United Kingdom with 9,287 troops.

Last June, US President Trump ordered the cuts of 10,000 spare staff in Germany. On February 3, the Biden government suspended this decision.

Tieu Nhien, Vision Times

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