The US believes there are 3 points to contain China

The US believes there are 3 points to contain China

“The US and its allies can fully utilize China’s weaknesses to curb their global ambitions.” The above statement is stated in the non-profit organization “Center for Strategic and Budgetary Evaluation” (CSBA) based in Washington.

Analysts Toshi Yoshihara and Jack Bianchi in January 2021 published research on how to stop China’s expansion.

In a strategic direction for allies to compete with China’s globalizing armed forces, the authors have captured three Beijing government weaknesses that Washington can focus on exploiting.

The first is China’s geography, with its huge expansion ambitions, Beijing is bogged down in a myriad of territorial disputes and conflicts with neighboring countries.

China will have to spend a large amount of resources on this, in the end it will not be enough to project military power globally, but only at the regional power level.

The second major weakness is flexibility. Beijing will need to show incredible capacity to contain many problems, so that its military can focus on its global mission.

Here, China will be trapped by the conservatism of its own politicians and the opposition from many diplomats of countries that are in conflict of interest with Beijing.

The third most important weakness is logistics, which allows the US and its allies to narrow the gaps in China’s defense, which not only imply transport infrastructure, but also include related fields.

Beijing must support all political, diplomatic, legal, operational and economic needs to the best of its ability. Only then will they be treated as a trusted partner and a serious military power.

I believe there are 3 points to cover China
The US-China confrontation is becoming increasingly fierce

Strategic competition with China needs to be defined and comprehensive. So Americans, along with their foreign partners, should increase spending in order to contain Beijing by organizing an additional network of military bases around.

In the long term, China will face a serious demographic decline and this can be used to cause great trouble for them, especially since it is the most populous country in the world.

But if the United States and its allies do not embark on something now, in terms of accelerated growth and modernization, the Chinese navy will rapidly extend beyond the Western Pacific.

Then Beijing will begin projecting power to remote areas, competing and even “ousting” Washington from traditional territories. The study concludes that this poses a serious threat to the role and position of the United States.

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