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The US began asking to list Facebook and Twitter accounts … on the VISA application

In the coming time when applying for a visa (VISA) to the US, you will have to provide more information about social networking accounts. New policy information for these visa applications has been confirmed by a US State Department spokesman and has begun to take effect today.

Applicable to most forms of visas including non-immigrant visas and permanent residents, applicants will be required to list social networking accounts in a menu along with other personal information. For those who have never applied for a VISA to enter the United States, most of the process is done online through the embassy's website, you will have to file information on the forms depending on the visa you want and apply online. Therefore, in the coming time, there will be additional information on Facebook and Twitter accounts … in these forms.

A US State Department spokesman said there would be an option to say "I don't use social networks". However, the official stressed that if the applicant lied about using social networks, they could face "serious entry consequences". It is unclear what the consequences are, but I think that if I refuse to accept VISA, I will ban permanent entry.

Currently the menu of additional information on this social network only includes the main social networking sites, but in the future the applicant will be able to list all the pages they use.

Speaking to The Hill, the US State Department spokesman said: "This is an important step in improving control of foreign citizens seeking to enter the United States. As we have seen in the world. In recent years, social networking sites can be a great forum for terrorist activities and those who support terrorism, so this will be a vital tool to screen those. terrorism, public security threats and other dangerous individuals before they can benefit from entry rights and set foot on American soil. "

Social identification information will be incorporated into the background check records based on the watchlist set by the US government. Applicants will also be asked to provide more detailed information about their travel history in the future.

By the way, I share with you the video of the US Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM carried out the title "Misunderstandings about American VISA", the information is very valuable.

The aforementioned policy stems from an executive decree issued in March 2017 by President Trump: "Protecting the country from the infiltration of foreign terrorism into the United States". The US State Department has announced its intention to implement this policy in March 2018 and has now begun to take effect.

The Obama administration had previously faced fierce criticism in 2015 after Tashfeen Malik – a Pakistani woman who helped her husband Syed Farook – born in Chicago, Illinois, did a shootout in Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino, California killed 14 people, injured 21. Both were shot dead afterwards.

Malik announced his support for socialist terrorism before she was granted a visa to the United States.


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