The US began a series of fears that Russia might interfere in the election
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The US began a series of fears that Russia might interfere in the election

The Associated Press recently cited a document that showed US security and intelligence officials listed how Russia would intervene in the US presidential election which will take place in November.

My beginning to worry about Russia can fight back
US officials suspect Russia will intervene to help Mr. Trump’s re-election.

The document, developed by the US Department of Homeland Security and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), identifies eight possible tactics that Russia can choose to apply to any election in the United States.

Specifically, there are eight feasible tactics that Russia can choose to apply in the upcoming elections, ranked by the level of influence.

Among the ways in which there is a high level of threat are the possibility of hackers hijacking, interfering with the “flow” of information, using state-controlled media to disseminate related news. with regard to elections, influencing counterfeiting, as well as economic and business leverage to influence political goals in the United States, and the use of fake accounts on social networks to promote benefits of Russia and affect American public opinion.

Tactics that pose a lower threat include: controlling the electoral infrastructure, including voter databases, the vote counting system, as well as financial support for political candidates or teams. run for.

Nevertheless, the document confirms the administration has never before seen Russia attempting to apply the actions listed above in any U.S. election.

The AP said the document was dated 3/2, which means that when the US has not yet announced the outbreak of COVID-19. If built after the announcement of the epidemic, there may be more scenarios for Russia to intervene in the US presidential election.

Earlier, referring to the Russian intervention in political events in the US, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has stated that the US will respond to all efforts to interfere in the election in the United States.

As the US presidential election gets closer, the public is more concerned about the possibility that Russia will want who will lead the United States within the next 4 years and even what Moscow will do to support the people they have been Selection.

The New York Times previously quoted US intelligence reports as saying that the Russian side will try to help President Donald Trump to be re-elected in the 2020 election and will intervene in the Democratic Party’s primary elections. master.

Against such allegations, Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded frankly. He called the reports of Russian intervention in the US primary elections paranoia.

He also noted that the Kremlin was not surprised by such “news” when the US election took place.

In a related development, when there was a vote counting error during the Democratic Party’s primary election in Iowa in February 2020, President Trump sarcastically said that the Democratic Party could choose how to blame Russia to explain this problem.

“I think they should blame Russia, Russia, once again Russia! If they can’t accurately count, how will they manage American health care? ” – Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter.

President Trump also quipped about the possibility of Russia meddling in the US election when he joked with the Russian President in the press that “Don’t interfere in the election” with a serious face but a smile. In response to Mr. Trump’s humorous “warning”, President Vladimir Putin nodded, shrugged and laughed.

Clip of President Donald Trump pressuring President Vladimir Putin not to interfere in the US election:

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