The US attempts to deny Russia

The US attempts to deny Russia

The relationship “rice is not good, soup is not sweet” between the two powers of the United States and Russia has been going on for a long time, but recently, Russia has repeatedly accused the US of wanting to change history, denying all Russian merits Soviet Union in history.

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It has been 60 years since the world’s first astronaut Yuri Gagarin flew into space.

Recently, Russia also condemned the US’s attempt to deny the Soviet Union’s performance in the First Human Space Flight.

On April 13, the TASS news agency quoted the Russian Embassy in the US that criticized the US President Joe Biden’s administration for making statements that distorted the memories of the first astronauts on Earth, Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin.

The statement states: “Regrettably, the US State Department has shown an ‘amnesia’ related to the history of space exploration. We would like to reiterate that the United Nations General Assembly has declared the 12th. / 4 is International Human Space Flight in tribute to Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

On this day 60 years ago, in 1961, he was the first man in human history to complete a flight around the Earth. “

The Russian Embassy noted that the Gagarin bust was housed at the National Museum of Aviation and Space in Washington DC. Yuri Gagarin sculptures also staged in Cleveland, Colorado Springs, New York City, Houston, and Chicago show historical truths.

“And thousands of Americans, including astronauts and NASA staff, visit these sites every year to honor the memories of Soviet cosmonauts,” said the Russian Embassy. .

In the archives of the Russian Foreign Ministry also remains the message of US President John F. Kennedy to Soviet leader Nikita S. Khrushchev after Mr. Gagarin’s flight to congratulate the event.

The statement of the Russian Embassy in the US quotes the content of the message: “The American people share with the people of the Soviet Union their satisfaction with the safe flight of the astronaut during their first expedition. people into space. We congratulate you and the Soviet scientists and engineers for doing this miracle. “

The post by the Russian Embassy in the US notes: “As early as April 9, 2021, NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei boarded the International Space Station aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft named Yuri Gagarin. Hopefully these facts will help future American diplomats not be afraid to say aloud the name of the first astronaut on Earth for the whole world to know. “

But now, the US has not mentioned the Soviet name anywhere The US State Department has posted on its Russian Facebook page a statement on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the first human space flight, in That does not mention the name of astronaut Gagarin.

The State Department also posted a statement on Twitter, congratulating all American astronauts and saying nothing about the first Soviet cosmonaut.

My wife is Russian
Astronaut Yuri Gagarin on the cover of the American magazine TIME.

The historical denial of the Soviet Union’s role is being made efforts by the United States and its allies. Last year, Russia expressed indignation when the US sought to “distort” the victory of Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War, as well as the decisive contribution of Russia.

In statements commemorating the historic Victory, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the country could not ignore comments posted by the White House on social media, which only mentioned the United States and England are victorious countries.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, American officials did not have the courage or the will to pay homage to the undisputed role and the immense losses suffered by the Red Army and the Soviet people.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the expression of rejection of the values ​​brought about by the Soviet Union was even stronger. In September 2019, the European Parliament passed a resolution relating to the causes of World War II, stating that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty was a secret Nazi agreement and Soviet Union, paving the way for the bloodshed in Poland. Therefore, the Soviet Union had the same fault with the Nazis for causing World War II.

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