My Houthi type planning manager has a complete list of pictures frame 1Houthi gunmen in the capital Sanaa. (Photo: THX / TTXVN)

According to the Vietnam News Agency in Washington, February 5, U.S. State Department confirmed the plan to revoke the former President Donald Trump administration’s decision to include the Houthi movement in Yemen on a list of terrorist organizations, in an effort to alleviate the country’s humanitarian crisis .

A State Department spokesman said the new Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s plan has been sent to the US Congress and details will be released in the coming days.

The ministry said the removal from the terrorist list had nothing to do with the US view of the force Houthi and Washington remains committed to assisting Saudi Arabia in defending its territory from its attacks.

According to the State Department, the decision was purely for humanitarian purposes, after the United Nations and many other organizations warned that listing Houthi as a terrorist organization would exacerbate the humanitarian crisis. worst in the world in Yemen.

Earlier, US President Joe Biden announced an end to US support for Saudi-led military offensive operations in Yemen. The move shows that the new administration is planning a more active role for the US in its effort to end the civil war in Yemen.

Yemen: Houthi welcomes the US to end its military campaign support[]

The Houthi forces welcomed President Biden’s plan, while the Saudi Arabian side appreciated the United States’ appreciation of supporting diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis in Yemen.

Yemen has been in civil war since late 2014 when Houthi militants took over the capital Sanaa and the government of President Mansour Hadi was in exile.

In 2015, a military alliance between Arab states led by Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen to assist President Hadi’s administration to restore power.

Since late September 2019, Saudi Arabia has been conducting informal negotiations with Houthi to alleviate the violence.

According to the United Nations, conflict in Yemen has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people, most of them civilians, at the same time. humanitarian crisis worst in the world.

The United Nations estimates that 80% of Yemenis 24 million are affected by the crisis.

Despite warnings about the risk of limiting the transfer of humanitarian aid to important regions of Yemen, on January 19, then US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced his decision to list the Houthi movement. organizations terrorism./.

Dang Huyen (VNA / Vietnam +)