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The US and its allies helped Russia win the UAE customers?


(News 24h) – After the US, coming to Italy to stop the sale of weapons to UAE customers, increasing the chances for the UAE to find a Western rival, Russia.

In the latest statements, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said the country had stopped the missile sale agreement to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The US and its allies have helped Russia to become a top hotel in the UAE?
US F-35 fighter deployed to the UAE in 2019. Photo: USAF.

The massive sale of 12,700 missiles is part of a 2016 deal of 20,000 missiles worth more than 400 million euros between Italy and two wealthy Middle East nations, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The decision comes after the new US administration temporarily froze arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE worth billions of dollars including ammunition supply to Saudi Arabia, as well as a deal to supply fighters. F-35 for the UAE.

A State Department official confirmed the temporary suspension was intended to review the agreements. This $ 23.37 billion armament package includes 50 F-35 Lightning II fighters, 18 UAV MQ-9Bs and an air-to-air and air-to-ground missile package.

The reason for the simultaneous cancellation of the Western agreement with the two Middle Eastern countries is due to the fact that Joe Biden has pledged to prevent the use of US weapons in military operations by the Arab coalition. Using in Yemen risks even more civilians in this country. This view is also supported by Italy.

However, the reality of the US and Italian deal with the UAE has a number of other problems including previous U.S. commitments to its closest Middle East ally Israel.

Under former US President Donald Trump, the United States has provided historic and controversial recognition that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. Trump himself also brought about four peace treaties between Israel and the Arab world, including Israel’s normalization of relations with the UAE. This move is considered a remarkable diplomatic achievement of former US President Donald Trump during his 4 years in office.

Mr. Trump is also a driver of billions of dollars deals with the UAE with advanced US F-35 stealth fighter jets that have long been owned by only US ally Israel in the region. In other words, by recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and promoting the peace agreement between Israel and a series of Arab states, the United States is boosting contracts of modern weapons for the UAE’s “client”.

The US promotion of the F-35 deal with the UAE would therefore clearly affect Israel’s position in the Middle East, which wants to join the Arab world in “deterrence and self-defense against rising threats from Iran.” Especially in the context of the new administration in the US that just wants to resume talks with Iran regarding the 2015 nuclear deal, Israel will inevitably raise the issue with the US and the West about the F shipments. Modern -35 they are about to sell to the UAE.

The US and its allies have helped Russia to become a top hotel in the UAE?
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) and Mr. Joe Biden as Vice President of the United States (right).

For his part, UAE Ambassador to the US Yousef al-Otaiba wrote on Twitter: “The UAE understands that the new administration wants to reconsider its policies”.

According to him, the F-35 contract “does not simply mean selling military equipment to a partner”. “It doesn’t just guarantee interoperability [của Mỹ] with a key regional defense ally, which also allows the UAE to assume more collective security responsibilities in the region, reducing the US burden against other global challenges “.

The contract also stipulates training activities in addition to the sale of weapons and equipment to ensure “the US and UAE troops working together will become more effective at any time and place”.

The “mega” deal also covers Reaper stealth aircraft and other modern military equipment. Thus, the UAE will be the only Arab country that will own the most advanced F-35 aircraft developed by the US.

Now, once the arms deal is “reconsidered”, the UAE will have time to target other arms dealers, possibly a rival of the US, Russia.

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