General Hyten at a conference in Washington on January 18. Photo: CSIS

The US admits to falling behind on supersonic weapons

The Pentagon senior commander acknowledged that the US supersonic weapons program was ineffective and called for speeding up the research.

“We are competing with other countries in supersonic weapons. The US used to lead 10 years ago, there were two projects and two prototypes but they were all ineffective. What do we do after failure?” ? Spend years studying the reasons for the failure and canceling those projects, “said US Army Chief of Staff John Hyten, speaking at a conference in Washington DC yesterday.

General Hyten acknowledges that the US will take years and resources to regain its leading position in the technology. He urged stakeholders to speed up the process of restoring the supersonic weapons project, and build combat capabilities in space instead of “sitting still and studying them”.

General Hyten at a conference in Washington on January 18. Image: CSIS.

The supersonic weapon has a speed of about 6,000-12,000 km / h, operating on the principle of exchanging extremely high cooldown speed of the warhead to increase the range and ability to penetrate enemy missile defense.

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said in December 2019 that Washington was investing a lot of resources to pursue Moscow in developing supersonic weapons, expressing concern that Russia could develop new generation strategic weapons. Ability to disable current defenses.

In a budget proposal for the next fiscal year published in March 2019, the US Department of Defense requested $ 2.6 billion for the supersonic weapons development program.

Last month Russia put Avangard supersonic weapons systems on the payroll, while Kinzhal super-missiles have been ready to fight since 2018. Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks this has reversed the world order. previously, marking Moscow for the first time instead of racing and trying to deal with Washington.

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