Highlights of the outstanding new gaming gear of ASUS ROG launched at Computex 2019 - Photo 1.

The unveiling of the best new gaming gear from ASUS ROG was launched at Computex 2019

Launched at Computex 2019, Asus ROG introduces a range of quality gaming gear for gamers including ROG Theta headsets, portable gaming monitors ROG Strix, Power ROG Strix, AIO ROG Strix Radiators LC RGB AIO and Aura Creator

7.1 surround sound headset USB-C interface ROG Theta:

Rebuilt from the renowned ROG Centurion headset platform, ROG Theta is the latest headset with eight separate drivers and the first to own virtual subwoofer for live 7.1 surround sound. to gamers. The ASUS Essence drivers are used to support virtual subwoofer technology to bring a wide range of soundstage, deep bass to bring a deep experience to listeners.

Theta also owns noise filtering technology for microphone. This technology uses machine learning (AI) to identify noise and eliminate it with more than 50 million learning samples that can be accurately identified while keeping the speaker's sound intact, ensuring quality transmission A clear bar when communicating and chatting.

With Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) ESS SABRE9601 with exclusive quad amp technology along with ROG 7.1 DAC – which is applied on the most advanced ROG motherboards – provides a quality experience Highest quality audio and lossless audio and video.

ROG Theta Electret: 3.5mm Hi-fi gaming headset

ROG Theta Electret is the second headset model introduced at Computex 2019 this year. Developed with industry-leading technologies, Theta Electret is a combination of high-quality drivers with dynamic subwoofers to deliver perfect sound quality, delivering sound quality. Genuine stereo with strong and strong bass range.

A list of the best new gaming gear from ASUS ROG launched at Computex 2019 - Photo 2.

Theta Electret is built for audiophile users with a 3.5mm port connection with silver-coated copper conductor to provide better high-range sound reproduction while ensuring accuracy for the entire audio range. The company will include a 3.5mm-6.3mm switch, allowing gamers to easily connect Theta Electret to residential hifi. This headset also integrates boo technology, certified by TeamSpeak and Discord, for crystal clear audio quality.

ROG Strix XG17: The first mobile gaming screen with 240Hz scan speed

Mobile graphics cards have been able to "pull" AAA games at super high speeds, but the screen of mobile gaming devices is limited to only 60Hz, not suitable for the increasingly demanding demands of The eSport arena requires quick response. Therefore, the super high-speed screen has become the standard for players to practice and compete. And that is the reason why ROG Strix XG17 came out.

A list of the best new gaming gear from ASUS ROG launched at Computex 2019 - Photo 3.

Designed for gamers who want to be able to practice even when not on the table, the Strix XG17 is a 17.3-inch IPS mobile screen with Full HD (FHD) resolution, 240Hz imaging speed , and response time of only 3ms, has become the fastest mobile screen in the world today. Using two micro-HDMI and Type-C connections, the mobile screen is compatible with most devices, from mobile phones and tablets to laptops and game consoles.

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The Strix XG17 weighs only 800 grams and has an integrated battery that has enough power for three hours to operate at 240Hz after each charge. Thanks to fast charging technology, players only have an hour of charging to maintain the operation during the next 2.7 hours.

Other features include adaptive-sync synchronization technology, operating in the range of 48Hz-240Hz, providing a smooth gaming experience. The screen also has a built-in speaker in case the player doesn't want to use headphones.

ROG Strix 750W Gold and 650W Gold: "standard game" power source

The ROG Strix power supplies (PSU) provide the "gaming standard" quality for the professional gaming community. The product line includes two 750W and 650W models with a ROG radiator and a 135mm coaxial fan that delivers heat dissipation efficiency but reduces noise.

A list of the best new gaming gear products from ASUS ROG launched at Computex 2019 - Photo 5.

Made of high-quality Japanese capacitors and low-resistance resistors (low RDS MOSFETs) that provide a solid foundation for its 10-year warranty policy, and help achieve Strix PSUs 80 PLUSĀ® Gold standard. For gamers, these are extremely quiet power supplies with high power conversion performance, ensuring durable operation even when players "ponder" for a long time.

A list of the best new gaming gear from ASUS ROG launched at Computex 2019 - Photo 6.

In order to satisfy the need for neat wiring when assembling the machine, the Strix power supplies also have a fully-modular, single-modular wiring capability to minimize wires with stickers and magnetic pads to assist users in neat wiring than.

Highlights of the best new gaming gear from ASUS ROG launched at Computex 2019 - Photo 7.

ROG Strix LC 120/240/360 RGB: Colorful water radiator

The ROG Strix LC radiator provides high thermal performance, perfect for those who want to build the machine to achieve the highest speeds for Intel Core and AMD Ryzen unlocked CPUs.

ASUS has expanded its product range with new models that can replace RGB fans with dimensions of 120mm, 240mm and 360mm respectively, providing colorful radiators. The ROG designed radiator is optimally optimized for stable air flow and water pressure, improving the feature of RGB color lights with ROG decorative stickers on the reel.

The ROG Strix LC RGB radiator also fully supports the Aura Sync feature, allowing users to adjust and set up synchronization with existing systems.

Aura Creator (beta): Enhances control and personalization of RGB LED lights

ASUS also "Shop" at Computex 2019 ASUS Aura Creator program (beta) with revolutionary ability to personalize RGB color lights when allowing devices compatible with Aura Sync technology to set up performances Independent LED color lights. This all-new color light system control program has been developed by ROG software engineers to provide users with creative control of backlight systems throughout your entire system. The streamlined interface allows users to further customize, bringing convenience to new users and a powerful tool for creators and modders.

A list of the best new gaming gear from ASUS ROG launched at Computex 2019 - Photo 9.

The ROG booth (at Computex 2019) also owns two platforms that are assembled and controlled by Aura Creator (beta). The first set is based on a powerful gaming laptop ROG Strix Scar III, with a complex RGB backlight system that moves through ROG Delta headphones, gaame ROG Gladius II Origin mouse and ROG mouse pad Balteus Qi RGB. The second is a PC desktop that owns the 3rd generation Ryzen CPUs and ROG Strix X570-E Gaming motherboards.

Both show how the Aura Creator enhances the Aura Sync control to a whole new level by giving users the freedom to be creative with every detail with real-time effects in complex ways. The most that users can think of.

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