The United States said bitterly: The Taliban vindicated Russia

The United States said bitterly: The Taliban vindicated Russia

(News 24h) – The Taliban confirmed that they do not need bonuses from Russia to kill American soldiers and fight with “invaders” without money.

On January 29, Taliban political office representative Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai commented on a series of rumors published by the New York Times about the possibility of Russia and Iran paying bonuses to them for killing US soldiers. .

My reply has not yet received a chat: The Taliban justified Russia
American soldiers operating in Afghanistan. Photo: AP

Mr. Stanekzai has affirmed that such news is completely false.

“It is completely false. We reject this completely” – Mr. Stanekzai said.

According to a representative of the Taliban, US troops invaded Afghanistan. Taliban members have been fighting with the US military since 2001 and do not kill them for bonuses.

“We fight together with the invaders of the country without any reward” – emphasized Stanekzai.

The latest remarks from the Taliban that the United States once considered a terrorist show the truth that was rumored by the US media in mid-last year.

The New York Times released exclusive information alleging that Russian military intelligence offered Taliban rewards for seeking to kill US and British soldiers in Afghanistan while peace negotiations were underway.

Then, the source of the Associated Press said that US President Donald Trump had obtained confidential information of US intelligence about this incident from the spring of 2019, which is a full year before this information was detailed by the media. expose. At the time, information about Russia offering the Taliban a reward for the destruction of American soldiers was in at least one of the daily intelligence reports sent to President Donald Trump at the time.

Trump’s then-Trump national security adviser John Bolton also told associates that he had reported to the president on intelligence assessments in March 2019. However, the Trump administration has “done nothing” to prevent the situation.

Although the Kremlin and even the US military later reported on the lack of reasoning of intelligence forces, this news was still mentioned by the Democrats in the US Congress as a reckless act of Trump administration.

Last week, President Joe Biden’s newly appointed National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, spoke to his Afghan counterpart Hamdullah Mohib and made clear America’s intentions to “reconsider” the deal. pitch was reached with the Taliban last year.

National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne said Washington wants to check if the Taliban “properly comply with its commitment to cutting ties with terrorist groups, reducing violence in Afghanistan and engaging in negotiations. makes sense to the Afghan government and other stakeholders “.

Mr. Sullivan “emphasized that the US will support the peace process with a regional diplomatic effort, aimed at helping the two sides reach a long-term, fair political agreement and a permanent cease-fire”.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib updated his social media account on the discussion, emphasizing the two sides had “agreed to work towards a permanent ceasefire and a peace. fair and lasting “in Afghanistan.

The Taliban said they are still “committed to the agreement and adhering to our commitments”.

Washington signed an agreement with the Taliban in Qatar last year to begin the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in exchange for security guarantees from the armed group and pledged to initiate peace negotiations with the Afghan government. .

But violence across Afghanistan has increased despite the two sides participating in the talks since September 2020. Attacks and assassinations of celebrities have increased in recent months, especially in Kabul, where journalists, activists, judges and politicians have been murdered in cases blatant attack.

Analysts said that the administration of US President Joe Biden needs a comprehensive review of the Doha agreement to understand what the two sides agree on.

Fahim Sadat, professor of international relations at Kardan University in Kabul, told Al Jazeera: “The Biden government appears to be more committed to reducing violence (RIV) in Afghanistan and if you look at the deal, RIV is one of the main points in it. But we have seen an increase in violence so if it is found that the Taliban do not demonstrate their commitment to reducing the violence, they will be under pressure from the new US administration. “

Besides, Mr. Sadat said that the government in Afghanistan also wants to review the agreement with the US because it sees Trump’s Taliban concession.

“The Afghan government is looking forward to working closely with the new administration to share their concerns regarding the US-Taliban deal, where they feel Mr. Trump is still very tolerant of the Taliban.”

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