The United States quickly withdraws from Syria base, heading towards Iraq: What does Russia say?

The United States quickly withdraws from Syria base, heading towards Iraq: What does Russia say?

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                        The US military withdrew its forces from the Horab Al-Jeyr bases and the base in the northeastern city of Hasek in Syria and pulled troops toward Iraq.

The US military has left its base at Horab Al-Jeyr in northeastern Syria and moved back to Iraq, Syria’s Sana news agency said. According to this source, on the morning of January 8, 2020, about 40 trucks carrying military equipment and vehicles left in the direction of Iraqi territory.

My withdrawal from Syria, Iraq: Russia say?
US troops leave military bases in Syria, heading towards Iraq.

At the same time, about 50 US military trucks carrying military equipment and logistics left their base in the city of Hasek in northeastern Syria and toward the Iraqi border.

The source also said that in order to invade Iraq, the US military intends to use the Al-Walid border gate illegally, located in rural Iraq.

Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the escalation of tensions in the Middle East was provoked by the US attack in Iraq.

She noted that now all countries are observing the situation. According to the diplomat, Western countries and, first of all, the United States are implementing a very strange and shortsighted policy.

Earlier, the United States conducted two missile strikes on territory near the airport in Baghdad, resulting in the death of General Kassem Suleimani, commander of the special forces of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Iranian politicians say the United States will be responsible for this.

The Iranian general was killed by a direct order of US President Donald Trump, Washington considered Suleymani to be responsible for the death of US troops in Iraq and Syria.

Shortly thereafter, the Iraqi parliament approved a resolution requiring the Iraqi government to end a four-year agreement on the US sending troops to Iraq to fight ISIS. In addition, the Iraqi parliament voted to end the foreign military presence in the country.

There are currently about 5,200 US troops in Iraq. Now Iraqi lawmakers have called for a withdrawal of US troops from the country.

Most of the approximately 180 legislators present in parliament voted in favor of the resolution. This resolution was largely supported by Shiite parliament members, Sunni lawmakers and Kurds who did not attend the meeting because they objected to the cancellation of the agreement. However, US President Donald Trump said that the US military would one day leave Iraq, but not now.

Then, on the night of January 8, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard announced the start of Operation Martyr Suleimani against the US army, in connection with the assassination of Iranian General Kassem Suleimani. The Iranian army has attacked two US air bases in Iraq.

According to Assistant Secretary of Defense Jonathan Hoffman, Tehran has launched more than 10 ballistic missiles towards US military facilities and the anti-terrorist coalition in Iraq.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif has stated that these Iranian military missile attacks are for self-defense. He assured that Tehran did not like war, but that they would protect themselves from any signs of aggression.

According to Iran’s Press TV, about 80 people were killed in the attack on US military bases in Iraq. However, US President Donald Trump said that after the Iranian army’s attacks on US military bases “everything was fine”.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg condemned Iran’s attacks on US military bases and alliances in Iraq and urged Tehran to contain violence.

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