The United States issued conditions on Ukraine to remove sanctions from Nord Stream-2

The United States issued conditions on Ukraine to remove sanctions from Nord Stream-2

German newspaper Handelsblatt recently interviewed an American official involved in the US-Germany discussion on energy, saying the US may be ready to discuss with Germany the lifting of sanctions on the Nord Stream project. -2.

My access to Ukraine to call the center of Nord Stream-2
The US will remove the Nord Stream-2 sanctions if Germany satisfies many conditions, including Ukraine.

Accordingly, the Biden administration is willing to do so if Berlin “satisfies certain conditions”. These include Germany’s supply of solutions to Europe’s energy security, as well as Ukraine’s interests.

“The Germans have to propose a solution package, otherwise the US may not be able to solve the problem with Nord Stream-2” – the US official said.

The Handelsblatt described, the US claims include: not to let Europe depend too heavily on Russian gas, to stop the exclusion of Ukraine from European gas infrastructure.

Washington is concerned with the “shutdown mechanism” for the Nord Stream-2, in case Moscow reduces the transshipment of gas through Ukraine, costing Kiev billions of dollars in gas transportation costs.

Currently, Russia has used the existing Nord Stream infrastructure to secure gas supplies to Central and Western Europe after years of controversy with Ukraine and several other transit countries.

The Nord Stream-2 will run parallel to the Nord Stream, transferring gas directly to Germany via an underground pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

The United States has repeatedly introduced sanctions against the Nord Stream-2 in recent months, an attempt to sell more of its liquefied gas at the same time, partly because of the guarantee of political-economic benefits. of Ukraine.

Facing US threats, recently, Russian Security Council Vice Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia is likely to file a lawsuit against countries that interfere with the Nord Stream gas pipeline project- 2.

So far, work is underway in Russia, despite the latest obstacles from Washington.

Once completed this year, Nord Stream 2 will double the maximum capacity of the Nord Stream 1 route, from 55 billion cubic meters of gas / year to 110 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Russia’s Gazprom Group said that it does not rule out the possibility that Gazprom will build the Nord Stream 3 pipeline if Europe’s demand for gas continues to increase.

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