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The United Nations issued an urgent notice on antibiotic resistance globally

In the report that was published last week, the United Nations warned that if the situation remains to be used indiscriminately in the current year, the number of deaths due to antibiotic resistance will reach up to 2050 each year. 10 million people.

At the present time antibiotic resistance killed about 700,000 people each year, including 230,000 deaths due to resistance to tuberculosis. The innocent use of antifungal antibiotics on humans, animals and even in agriculture has resulted in this. It is estimated that by 2050, the number of deaths due to antibiotic resistance will be at 10 million people a year, making diseases or things that seem simple need of antibiotics such as caesarean section or childbirth become dangerous. to life.

According to Dr. Haileyesus Getahun, director of the UN interdisciplinary team on antibiotic resistance, they are doing all they can to alert the authorities to take action to stop this. . Recommendations include a ban on the use of important antibiotics for poultry animals globally if not necessary, financial support for pharmaceutical companies to develop new types of antibiotics, tighten tighten the sale of antibiotics at the pharmacy without a doctor's prescription …

Use quality water like this, so why not get sick

This two-year report to complete also refers to another aspect of why people use indiscriminate antibiotics as a problem of lack of and clean water pollution as well as drainage systems. is making millions sick in developing countries. But these people are often too poor to be examined, so they often go to the pharmacy to buy "yellow green tablets" to heal themselves. If they can buy real drugs, it will help, sometimes they buy counterfeit drugs that are lost, sometimes lead to death, which still happens every day in Africa, where millions of people die. For reasons of drinking fake drugs.

The reason why it must be supported by pharmaceutical companies is because currently new drug innovations seem to be stalling. In the four years from 2010 to 2014, only four new antibiotics were developed, and they were all in the existing drug classes. If compared to 1980 to 1984, the number of new drugs was 19. Support here is sometimes not just about the financial aspect, but also the changes in law to help them study faster.

Talking about this, there are so many things to worry about, and the fact is that it is at the macro level, but you can also contribute a small part of your work in this way by simply taking the trouble to improve. my health, unfortunately, I don't need to buy antibiotics to drink, it is best to go to see a doctor to see if it is worth taking antibiotics.

Wish you are healthy, have less to take antibiotics : D.


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