Protesters in Yangon fled after being shot with tear gas and rubber bullets on February 28 by police.  Photo: Nikkei.

The United Nations condemns violence against Myanmar protesters

The United Nations condemned the violent acts against protesters in Myanmar on February 28 and called on the military authorities of the country to stop using force.

“We strongly condemn the escalation of violence against protesters in Myanmar and urge the military to immediately stop using force against peaceful protesters,” said Ravina Shamdasani, Van spokesperson. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, said in a statement.

Protesters in Yangon fled after being shot with tear gas and rubber bullets on February 28 by police. Image: Nikkei.

“The people of Myanmar have the right to gather in peace and demand a restoration of democracy,” she added. “These basic rights must be respected by the military and police, not violently and bloodyly suppressed. Lethal violence against nonviolent protesters is never action. justified according to international human rights standards “.

UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet also reiterated a call for the immediate release of arbitrary detainees, including members of Myanmar’s elected government.

“The international community must unite with protesters and all those seeking to restore democracy in Myanmar,” stressed Shamdasani.

Large-scale protests continue today in many provinces across Myanmar to protest the coup army and arrest State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi. Myanmar’s security services are said to have opened fire to repel protesters, leaving at least 11 people dead and many others injured.

State Counselor Suu Kyi and many Myanmar civilian government officials were arrested by the military on February 1 in a quick coup. She was later accused of illegally importing radios and violating Covid-19 restrictions under the Disaster Management Act.

The United States, Britain and several countries and organizations called for Suu Kyi’s release, and at the same time imposed sanctions against the Burmese military government and their business partners. Myanmar’s military pledged to hold a new election and vowed to give power to the victorious side.

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