The Uber application has officially stopped working

By the end of April 8, 2018, the Uber application in Vietnam appeared to be not available in the region. Accompanying it is that no cars are displayed on the customer’s car booking screen.

In some groups on Uber drivers’ social networks, many people reported that they had made the last bus in time at nearly 23:00 on April 8. After that time, the driver’s application shows a message saying: “Your vehicle is not allowed to operate in Hanoi”.

For the customer application, it is also not possible to make a reservation because the app only shows a message that is not available in your area.


At this time, drivers and customers’ accounts can still access and view information of previous trips as usual.

The Uber application announced that there are no cars in the Hanoi area.

Thus, it can be seen that Uber in Vietnam has completed the shutdown. Some sources said that the payment for drivers will continue to be finalized.

This car-sharing service has been available in Vietnam since mid-2014 in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh. By the end of 2014, it was extended to Hanoi.

At that time, this service was called taxi Uber for short. The strength of Uber over traditional taxis is that customers know in advance the car will come to pick them up with information about the driver, license plate, and type of vehicle. Customers are also very impressed with the original car quality, mainly in the mid-end to high-end segment, new customers get a lot of promotions, cheap prices and do not need to pay cash for drivers.


But in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, cash is still a more popular payment method, so Uber’s rival at that time, Grab with cash acceptance, including “motorbike taxi”, has gradually surpassed the market. school.

Before selling all of its Southeast Asia operations to Grab, Uber had to pull out of the Chinese market and sell its operations to rival Didi.

The driver’s app is no longer available online.

On March 26, 2018, Grab issued a notice saying it had completed the acquisition of all Uber operations in Southeast Asia and said Uber would only operate for two weeks.

On the afternoon of April 8, a series of Uber drivers turned off their application, wore uniforms and gathered at the Uber office in Hanoi. Although the number of drivers is very large, but everyone is very orderly, not causing congestion. The drivers said they were here to: “Say goodbye to Uber after a long time”.

While from the customer side, many people have been on social media to express their regret for a service they think is of better quality in the market.


Many drivers have now switched to Grab drivers, but many said they have installed some similar Vietnamese services and have registered to operate.

In some Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, the Uber app will continue to operate for a while because the government asks Grab to explain the monopoly issues after the acquisition.

Tung Linh
* Source: BizLive


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