The Twitter CEO said the social media's handling of the Hunter Biden article was "unacceptable".
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The Twitter CEO said the social media’s handling of the Hunter Biden article was “unacceptable”.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has spoken out about the company’s action around blocking a New York Post article regarding a negative story about Hunter Biden, son of former vice president Joe Biden. Mr. Dorsey calls this “unacceptable.”

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According to Dorsey, Twittter did not handle the article on the New York Post’s account well, “Blocking the sharing link via Tweet or direct message has eliminated context is not acceptable”, Dorsey wrote on Twitter late on Wednesday (October 14).

Twitter’s statement claimed that the New York Post’s article violated the company’s laws on personal information and “compromised material.” The documents mentioned in the Post report are believed to have been copied by a computer repair shop owner and eventually forwarded to former New York governor Rudy Giuliani and FBI. This is a Macbook computer labeled from the Beau Biden Foundation that was damaged by water being brought in and left behind at the store.

“We know much more remains to be done to provide full transparency when implementing principles in this context. We should make it clearer when we block tweets or direct messages that violate the policy. We recognize that Twitter is just one of the many places where people can read news online, and the Twitter Guidelines are designed to protect conversations on our service platform, as well as supplement add context to everyone’s experience, ” the company added.

The statements by Mr Dorsey and Twitter came after President Donald Trump condemned the social network on his own Twitter account, calling for a reinstatement of legal measures against social media platforms.

“It’s horrible that Facebook and Twitter have removed the story of emails related to the“ indisputable evidence ”by Nodding Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, on the New York Post account. That’s just the beginning for them. There is nothing worse than a corrupt politician. Please remove Article 230 !!! ” The president wrote on Wednesday.

While those who post content on the Internet may be legally responsible, social media platforms are covered by Article 230 of the Communications Standards Act.

Sen. Josh Hawley quickly responded to Dorsey’s Twitter post, calling Dorsey’s announcement “ludicrous” and “completely insulting”.

Hawley wrote on Twitter that he would ask the CEO of Twitter and Facebook to explain before the Senate. “Those are potential violations of election law and it is a crime.”

Previously, the Senator had called on the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to investigate Twitter and Facebook about potentially illegal in-kind contributions to Mr. Biden’s campaign, after the two companies has limited the spread of the scandal news story of Hunter Biden, son of former vice-president and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Mr. Biden’s campaign dismissed the Post reports, saying they had reviewed Joe Biden’s official schedule from that point on and “No meeting has ever been arranged as stated by the Post.”

Twitter has blocked users from sharing articles. The New York Post reported that Twitter also locked their accounts until the end of Wednesday.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday also blocked her personal Twitter account after she shared the New York Post article.

During her appearance at Fox New’s “Hannity” on Wednesday night, she accused the Twitter operator of essentially continuing to “point guns” at her by denying her access to private accounts.

“It’s not a temporary account lockout,” Ms. McEnany told host Sean Hannity. “When I access my Twitter account, I see that it’s been banned forever. They held a gun in my head and said that unless I delete my story, I can’t regain access to my account. ”

Facebook also endorsed the company “Are reducing sharing [bài báo]” before being reassessed by people verifying their facts. “This is part of our standardized process to reduce the spread of false information,” said a spokesman.

Senate Republicans have said they will vote to bring subpoenas with Twitter and Facebook CEOs to Senate because the social networks censor articles critical of the New York Post’s Joe Biden.

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