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The truth after claiming HongMeng OS is 60% faster than Android

In recent times, a series of media reports show the confidence of Chinese technology firm Huawei, repeatedly saying that the upcoming HongMeng OS operating system on their smartphones will run fast. 60% more than Android and iOS. The most obvious proof is the statement of Huawei CEO, Nham Chinh Phi when interviewing Le Point, France.

Everything seems to be true, except that Mr. Nham has never said that – and he is not even sure about this.

Is HongMeng OS faster than Android?

In fact, when answering Le Point's question about whether HongMeng OS is faster than Android and iOS, Mr. Nham said, Huawei "have not yet made such a comparison", and adding"But maybe it is. "

How to say "probably so"It doesn't seem like Nham's usual self-confident way of saying it, especially when it comes to talking about an outstanding advantage in his operating system.

More importantly, Mr. Nham also stressed that, "HongMeng is not designed for phones like people think. We do not develop an operating system to replace Google – and if Google pulls its operating system out of Huawei, we will need to start building an ecosystem because we have no clear plans yet.. "

Mr. Nham also admitted that Huawei will take years to build an ecosystem – and therefore, the company hopes that they do not need plan B for smartphones. At least not now.

Nham's answer shows that HongMeng is not only designed for smartphones but they have never conducted speed comparisons with operating systems like Android and iOS, so details "60% faster"Where does it appear?

Huawei co-founder admits he has never announced HongMeng OS OS 60% faster than Android - Photo 2.

Its origins probably stem from a statement by Richard Yu – Huawei's consumer appliance business CEO – after the company was blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce. At that time, Yu said, Huawei has developed an operating system since 2012, capable of "compatible with all Android applications and web applications ", and" if Android applications are recompiled, its performance will be improved by 60%. "

Reconstructing hundreds of thousands of Android apps is not a simple matter, not to mention whether it works stably or not every time the developer updates the new version.

Moreover, at that time, Yu himself told The Information page that: "I can't believe the US government will limit Android – it is a consumer product and has no relation to national security issues.. "He added that it was"a big surprise"and show that this will be"A really hard time"for this business.

Clearly at this time, Huawei is in need of creating a more positive flow of information. Perhaps that is the reason why "60% faster"It's used so much, though Huawei has never measured it.

Huawei co-founder admits that he has never announced HongMeng OS OS 60% faster than Android - Photo 3.

So what is the true effect of HongMeng OS?

Another statement came after Le Point's interview with Mr. Nham was HongMeng OS's lag of less than 5 milliseconds – but still needed to verify this number. Huawei's CEO explained that the operating system is designed to run on network devices, not smartphones, and low latency is essential for IoT device processing – especially when used for Industrial applications and self-driving vehicles.

According to Nham, it was designed for a world "where everything is connected and intelligent"This is in line with Mr. Yu's comment last May, when he said that the new operating system (which was still unnamed) will work on".phones, computers, tablets, TVs, cars and smart wearable devices. "

While HongMeng OS is still not visible, the information about the performance and the real features of this operating system is becoming chaotic. However, there is a certain fact, their ecosystem is weak compared to Android or iOS.

This is not only acknowledged by Nham himself but also through reports that many application developers have received a letter from Huawei, invited to join our "560 thousand developers" community to give Their application to Huawei's AppGallery app store.

Refer to Forbes

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