The Trump campaign petitioned the court to allow the Pennsylvania legislature to choose the electoral college
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The Trump campaign petitioned the court to allow the Pennsylvania legislature to choose the electoral college

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign petitioned federal judges in Pennsylvania to allow the legislature to select electors to vote in the National Electoral College system.

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The Trump campaign sent the above motion to Judge Matthew Brann of the Federal Court of First Instance in Pennsylvania in a proposed amendment of the complaint, filed Nov. 18. This complaint belongs to a case in which the Trump campaign accused the Pennsylvania electoral process of violating the Constitution by setting different standards of validation and transparency for voters by mail. and voters directly vote.

The court should order, declare, and / or direct that the 2020 presidential election results are flawed and allow the Pennsylvania Congress to select state electors.“, The campaign Trump wrote in the complaint has been revised for the second time. This revised complaint was filed with the court with a petition asking the court to grant campaign Trump the chance to correct its claims in this lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, the Trump campaign is pursuing preventing the state of Pennsylvania from confirming election results or preventing validation of results including mail ballots that do not meet statutory requirements, have been corrected. the remedy was not authorized, or was filed in contravention of law. The Trump campaign’s petition to allow the court to allow the state legislature to decide the electors to supersede their earlier request to void votes.

The Trump campaign argues that they believe “statistical analysis” detect “more than 70,000 votes by mail“Voted for Democratic candidate Joe Biden as”has been counted invalid “ and that number “enough to change the election“.

President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani in his testimony testimony in court on Nov. 17 asked if the Trump campaign could not submit a new complaint due to the campaign’s failure to remove. statement of standard of action in one of the previously revised complaints.

The Trump campaign also reaffirmed their claims that procedural standards, fairness protections, and election and voter provisions were violated when the campaign’s election observers were violated. refuse access to observe “meaningful“Vote counting process. The Trump campaign removed these claims in one of the previous revision complaints.

The campaign also alleges that Democrats controlled the county voting boards listed in the lawsuit, forcing them to participate in “a deliberate scheme of intentional discrimination that is more in favor of Mr. Biden than Mr Trump“. The campaign claims that election officials have eliminated Republican and Trump campaign observers from observing the tally of vote-by-mail ballots to conceal their decisions to include votes that should have been rejected because of irregularities.

During his November 17 court hearing, Giuliani argued that the statements about “voter fraud across the country“Is not personal and these statements have been made in many other courts.

Meanwhile, the defendants’ lawyers – who have also filed numerous petitions to dismiss the lawsuit – have disagreed with Mr Giuliani’s arguments. Mr. Mark Aronchick – representing several county electoral boards in Pennsylvania – is the strongest critic of the fraud allegations.

Mr. Giuliani is talking about other cases, some self-created cases, some fantasy world cases. But, this case… they dropped those allegations“, Mr. Aronchick announced at the testimony hearing on November 17.

Refute this case, please dismiss this case, so that we can move on to the real mission for this country.“Mr. Aronchick urged the judge.

In related developments, Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Trump’s legal advisor, Jenna Ellis on November 19 held a press conference to talk about the Trump campaign complaints and explain “lA very clear and viable level of progress towards victoryOf the campaign. During the press conference, two of Mr. Trump’s lawyers also announced that the campaign would file a new lawsuit in Georgia.

The Trump campaign on Nov. 19 also said it was withdrawing the lawsuit in Michigan after reaching a goal in Wayne County. The statement came after two Republican members of the Wayne County Vote Counting Committee signed an affidavit stating that they wanted to withdraw their ballots during the election confirmation meeting and made allegations on Thursday. / 11 they were threatened with confirmation of election results in Wayne County, including the city of Detroit, where the Trump campaign accused of widespread election fraud and irregularity.

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