The Trump administration lists 11 more military-backed Chinese companies

The Trump administration lists 11 more military-backed Chinese companies

The Trump administration on Friday announced 11 more Chinese companies, including the construction giant, China Information Construction Company (CCCC), either owned or owned by the military. Chinese team control. This move laid the basis for Washington to impose new sanctions on these Chinese businesses.

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The new updated list published by the US Department of Defense also includes the Three Gorges Group, Sinochem Corporation and China Spacesat.

Reuters reported that the US Department of Defense conducted a determination of the identity of the above enterprises in accordance with a 1999 law document on listing of companies “owned or controlled“By the Chinese army.

The Pentagon’s list did not trigger US sanctions on Chinese companies, however the 1999 law stated that the president could declare a national emergency to give him the right to sanction any company listed and operating in the US.

Lawmakers from both parties in the US Congress recently pressured the Department of Defense to publish the above additional list amid escalating US-China tensions over technology, according to Reuters. trade and foreign policy.

Reuters said it contacted the Chinese Embassy in Washington to ask for comment on the Trump administration’s latest move on Chinese companies, but received no response.

In June, the US Department of Defense also listed 20 Chinese companies as businesses “owned or controlled by the Chinese military”. These businesses are operating directly or indirectly in the US, including China Mobile Communications Group (China Mobile Communications Group) and China Telecommunications Corporation (China Telecommunications Corp), Industrial Goods Group. Non-China (Aviation Industry Corp of China), Huawei Technologies Telecom Corporation and Hikvision surveillance camera manufacturing enterprise.

Also this week, on Wednesday, the Trump administration blacklisted 24 companies and dozens of Chinese individuals involved in South China Sea construction and militarization actions. This is the first time that the US has punished Chinese entities involved in strategic waters in Southeast Asia.

According to Reuters, the US Department of Commerce on August 26 released an announcement saying that 24 companies “play a role in assisting the Chinese military in building and militarizing internationally condemned artificial islands in the South China Sea“. The announcement stated that 24 Chinese companies had been added to the Entity List, a list of companies sanctioned by the US.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross also confirmed in the statement: “The entities listed today have played an important role in China’s aggressive construction of these artificial islands and must be held accountable ”.

The US State Department also released another separate statement saying it would impose visa restrictions on Chinese individuals “responsible for or related to“Action [xây dựng và quân sự hóa Biển Đông] and individuals involved in “China uses acts of coercive Southeast Asian countries to claim sovereignty [trên Biển Đông] to prevent these countries from accessing remote offshore resources“. The State Department did not name individuals on sanctions, but an anonymous official told Reuters “dozens“Chinese individuals will be restricted from entering the US visa.

Among the 24 Chinese companies sanctioned this time, are Guangzhou Haige Telecom Group, many affiliated with China Telecom Construction Company (CCCC), Beijing Huanjia Telecommunication Company, Data Company. Changzhou Guoguang Telecom, China Electric Technology Corporation and China Shipbuilding Group.

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