The Trump administration announces its withdrawal from the 'Open Sky Treaty'
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The Trump administration announces its withdrawal from the ‘Open Sky Treaty’

The Trump administration on Thursday announced to international partners that the United States will withdraw from the Open Sky treaty signed with Russia and many other countries. This treaty allows member states to conduct unarmed reconnaissance flights on the territory of another country participating in the treaty.

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According to the Associated Press, the United States announced it would withdraw from the Open Skies treaty because Russia is violating this agreement by restricting much of Russia’s airspace.

US President Dwight Eisenhower came up with the idea of ​​a reconnaissance treaty in 1955, but it was not until 2002 that the Open Skies Treaty officially came into effect when the Bush administration reached an agreement with Russia. Since then, 34 countries have signed and ratified the treaty, and since then more than 1,500 reconnaissance flights have been carried out around the world.

The United States has also accused Russia of violating other arms treaties, such as in 2019 NATO reported that Russia violated the treaty on intermediate-range nuclear weapons. The Trump administration eventually withdrew from the arms treaty after Russia refused to comply with its pledge.

US officials said Monday that Russia had restricted flight over the skies of Moscow and the city of Kaliningrad – Russia’s territory in the Baltic between Poland and Lithuania, where Russia is located its fleet. Russian navy in the Baltic Sea.

Russia also restricts Open Sky treaty member states from flying over the border areas between Russia and Georgia. This area includes disputed lands such as South Ossetia and Chechnya. In 2008, Russia waged Georgia over these disputed areas. The administration of President Vladimir Putin is alleged to have continued to oversee volatile efforts in Georgia since the war more than a decade ago.

President Trump’s allies in Congress, such as Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton, have repeatedly called on Trump to withdraw the United States from the Open Sky treaty.

In a statement released May 21, Senator Tom Cotton welcomed the latest move by the Trump administration and said that Russia used the reconnaissance treaty as a “plans to quickly gain military and surveillance advantage over the United States and NATO”.

According to the BBC, President Donald Trump later said that there was “A great opportunity for us to reach a new agreement. ” with Russia.

I think we have a very good relationship with Russia, but Russia did not comply with this treaty … We will withdraw until they comply with the treaty.”Mr. Trump said.

In response to the US statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed that Moscow had not violated the treaty and that the US withdrawal from this agreement was “so sorry”. The Russian Foreign Ministry added that the Trump administration is promoting “deflects all arms control agreements”.

We reject any attempt to justify withdrawal from this underlying agreementRussian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told Russian state news agency RIA Novosti.

There is nothing to stop the discussion on technical issues [liên quan tới hiệp ước Bầu trời Mở], the issues that the United States is falsifying information are violations of Russia”, Added Mr. Alexander Grushko.

Alexander Grushko also said any withdrawal from the reconnaissance treaty would affect the interests of all members of the treaty. These countries are mostly members of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

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