The trailer for the new drama of 85 Flowers, Zhao Liying's role is so strong, and the domineering kick is too image

The trailer for the new drama of 85 Flowers, Zhao Liying’s role is so strong, and the domineering kick is too image

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The entertainment industry has never lacked traffic stars. What it lacks is outstanding actors who are full of respect and create roles with heart. Because of the flow of artists one after another, but the actors with accurate acting skills are always rare. Zhao Liying, Yi Yang Qianxi and Zhou Dongyu belong to those few people. They have flow and beauty, and they are also acting online. actor.

As an actress born in the 1985, Zhao Liying was not a professional performer. She started her acting career by acting as a superstar and a small supporting role. She eventually became one of the few top stars in the entertainment industry. Everything is supported by her acting skills and beauty. In the past 3 years, the actress has begun to challenge different screen images, and has come into contact with many characters close to the lives of ordinary people. Among them, she played a characterful peasant woman in the drama “Happiness to Ten Thousands”. happy”.

On April 15, the official blog of “Happiness to Ten Thousands” released a trailer for the new drama. Zhao Liying co-starred with actors such as Liu Wei and Luo Jin. From the trailer, it can be seen that the role played by Zhao Liying is very good. Her interpretation of “He Happiness” is a new generation of women who dare to love and hate, and have a very personal opinion.

When playing with Liu Wei, Zhao Liying can catch the other side’s play. Zhao Liying’s “He Happiness” is a person who does not succumb to fate, not only to pursue his dreams, but also to take the whole village out of poverty and become rich, both in business and family. In addition, she also dared to challenge some injustices, such as seeing the heroine He Xingfu fighting against sewage treatment and rural marriages from the trailer, and then went to big cities to work and start a business.

Judging from a series of vigorous and thoughtful actions, the role that Zhao Liying challenges is very exciting, especially her domineering action of kicking the door with her feet is too vivid and very close to the role. This picture shows her wearing a red wedding dress against excessive marital disturbances. The characters created by Zhao Liying are quite full of character, with good acting skills and gaze.

It was learned that “Happiness to Ten Thousands” was adapted from “The Legend of Qiuju”. As early as 1992, Zhang Yimou adapted the story into “Qiuju’s Lawsuit”. After Gong Li won the Golden Rooster Award for this role, Zhang Yimou got it to Venice The Best Director Award (Golden Lion Award) at the International Film Festival.

Now Zheng Xiaolong has made this story into a TV series, but Director Zheng has adjusted the background of the story and the content of the story has also been slightly changed. Zhao Liying, who plays the female number one, is a young woman from the countryside with a firm and courageous personality. “Happiness to Ten Thousand Homes” will tell the story in two parts. The early stage is about the heroine who takes the whole village to get rich after marrying to Ten Thousand Homes, and there are many contradictions in the process. In the second half of the journey, the heroine goes to work in the city and finds a lawyer to fight a lawsuit. She continues to grow and improve all the way.

The role that Zhao Liying challenges, “He Happiness”, is a rural woman with a strong personality and not succumbing to fate. It is completely different from the cool and sassy female heroes she has portrayed in the past, or the gentle and dignified ladies. Great, but the acting skills are improving, especially Zhao Liying kicked the door with her feet domineering, and dared to confront the village party secretary straightforwardly, reflecting the image and personality of the character “He Xingfu”.

A good actor should put down his body and create some more down-to-earth and life-friendly small roles. Dare to ask if you are looking forward to “Happy to Ten Thousands” starring Zhao Liying? In the trailer, what do you think of Zhao Liying’s character image?


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