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The traditional Giap is brought to life by Felicia Chiao in a series of pictures welcoming Tet 2021 3 minutes to read


The New Year of the Ox 2021 began early last week, when the illustrator Felicia Chiao paid homage to a series of interesting illustrations.

Shown with gilded details and characteristic aesthetic features ChiaoThese paintings are the latest in the California-based illustrator’s collection of Chinese New Year marking works.

Each of the 5 sections she has created with Copic marker and gel pen, is mainly based on the red color, a traditional sign of good fortune and prosperity for the coming year, along with layers of flowers and tassel. with great descriptions of animals.

Chiao shared with Colossal that she celebrated the Lunar New Year with her family from a young age as well as the moment that marked her first drawing as “Year of the Rooster” 2017.

“My family is Taiwanese, so the Chinese New Year is a big deal. I’m Asian-American so I can’t say I’m a traditional man, however I grew up hearing all the zodiac animal superstitions, and I wanted to redraw the five. My favorite thing in 2017. It was a joy to connect with my cultural background ”.

Each year’s prints are available on Society6, along with a huge collection of amazing illustrations of Chiao. Visit Instagram to see more of her paintings featuring fantasy worlds and emotional characters.

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: thisiscolossal


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