The Toyota Fortuner facelift is about to debut, promising to be more aggressive and stronger

Compared to its predecessor, the Toyota Fortuner facelift is expected to receive some minor changes in the exterior and equipment design, bringing a new and more attractive appearance.

Recently, the first test images of the popular Toyota Fortuner mid-life upgraded SUV have suddenly appeared in Thailand under quite discreet camouflage. Thus, after nearly 5 years from the launch of the All-new version of the Fortuner line (2015), the Japanese-Toyota automaker has decided to refresh its car in order to increase competitiveness before rivals in the segment. According to some sources, the Toyota Foruner facelift is expected to launch to the Southeast Asian public soon by the end of 2020.

The Toyota Fortuner facelift is about to debut, promising to be more aggressive and stronger

Based on the visible test images, the facelifted Fortuner will not have a significant difference in overall physique or overall design compared to its predecessor. The Japanese car company has just refreshed a few details on the exterior to bring a new look to the car. Specifically, the most noticeable detail for this change is the car’s grille has now been enlarged and wider, it seems to have embraced the entire front of the car, creating looks pitiful and stronger.

The Toyota Fortuner facelift is likely to be equipped with new wheel options

The front lights and the rear light of the Fortuner facelift are expected to be no different from the previous version, maybe there will be only a few small tweaks to the internal lamp structure.
At present, there is too little information on the equipment on the upgraded Fortuner. However, many leaked sources said that the best-selling SUV will continue to be equipped with petrol and diesel engine versions such as 2.4L, 2.7L, 2.8L, 3.0L.

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