the Total Chaos standalone mod turns the game into survival horror

DOOM 2 transformed into a true survival horror, this is the objective of the Total Chaos standalone mod after 17 years of development. Although it is based on DOOM, the mod is largely inspired by Resident Evil or Silent Hill.

The famous franchise DOOM talk about her again, but this time it’s not a new challenge from “Will it run DOOM?” Like the programmer who played it on a pregnancy test. Today, it is DOOM 2, released in 1994, which is highlighted thanks to the Total Chaos mod developed by “Wadaholic”. Besides, Total Chaos is more than just a mod and this is the reason why it is available in standalone. This means it doesn’t require the base game to run. So you can play it immediately after downloading and extracting the files.

The DOOM 2 Total Chaos mod
DOOM 2’s Total Chaos mod – Credit: Alpha Beta Gamer / Wadaholic

Modder Wadaholic has been passionate about DOOM since he was a child. He made his debut as a modder when he was just 8 years old by creating a custom map on DOOM 2. The Total Chaos mod is an even more ambitious project that he has set up no less than 17 years to complete.

Total Chaos is a clever mix between DOOM and Resident Evil

It all started in 2004 when Wadaholic took on the challenge of turning the first-person shooter DOOM into a true survival horror. To achieve this, the modder used GZDoom which is a port of the Doom engine allowing games and mods to run on modern PC setups with various additions such as lighting effects, sloping floors, etc.

Thus, like the Punch-Out mod !! released last year, Total Chaos is nothing like DOOM 2. So it’s not about saving humanity by slaughtering demons that have invaded Earth. In Total Chaos, the player is immersed in the grim and gloomy environment from the abandoned mining town called Fort Oasis. Besides the twinkling lights that raise the tension or the inscriptions engraved with blood, the dangers of Total Chaos are hungry zombies.

Finally, the modder Wadaholic pleasantly surprised the community by managing to create a DOOM 2 mod that is closer to Resident Evil, Amnesia or Silent Hill than the original FPS. Moreover, the franchise could soon arrive in virtual reality with DOOM Eternal.

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