The top ‘plot twist’ and ‘circus’ Team Thay Ba will make you laugh

The last 3 chapters of “Team Master Ba’s Survival Plan” will make you an O-eye with a ‘plot twist’ that can’t be better.

At the end of chapter 5 Team Master Ba’s Survival Plan, Master Ba showed a tense face and exclaimed, “Nothing like that happened here! We will win and return safely! ”. So what will happen next for Team Thay Ba in the last 3 chapters?

First, everyone must know a bit about the stressful situation at the end of chapter 5. As you all know, Team Thay Ba accepted an invitation from a company to test an extremely unique virtual reality game. Accordingly, they have entered the “glass cage” to explore the magical, but equally vivid world of role-playing games. However, it is also because the technology is so modern that it has ‘damaged electricity’ and inadvertently puts them at risk of being stuck here.

The climactic 'plot twist' phases of the last 3 chapters and Team Teacher Ba's 'circus' will make you laugh

To return home safely, they need to ‘clear’ this game. They needed to overcome the last powerful boss that resided in the “House of the Vampire”.

Before that, Team Thay Ba overcame many difficulties and challenges quite smoothly, so they showed confidence when being transported by Linh to the gate leading to the final boss.

Of course, before facing the last enemy, the whole team did not forget to discuss strategies to treat new opponents well. With the help of ‘female’ Petland with powerful lightning magic, ADC Clear has a demonic demeanor character, the team is not bored with anyone.

The climactic 'plot twist' phases of the last 3 chapters and Team Teacher Ba's 'circus' will make you laugh
Mr. Ba showed a shameless face when facing the final boss

However, the confidence quickly shattered when the Master Ba team officially fought the final boss. The team was stunned because it was nothing like what they (and even the readers themselves) had imagined. It was still chewing on snacks that were Donkey monsters. Turns out the monster that caused Master Ba’s team to struggle with chapter 2 is just this boss’s junk food?

From the original will to die, now Mr. Ba has to smile politely and talk politely to the boss, in order to make sympathy with it. When Team Thay Ba was almost able to convince it to complete the task, the final paragraph had a ‘plot twist’ that could not be more surprising.

The climactic 'plot twist' phases of the last 3 chapters and Team Teacher Ba's 'circus' will make you laugh
The whole team had to sweat with unexpected plot twist …

From there, everyone had to live on their own to deal with this extremely powerful final boss. Even they have to show off their talents as well as the treasure they have gathered in chapter 4. Facing the strongest boss in the game, how do they need to coordinate and do what they can to ‘clear the island’ ‘Game and return home safe? Please welcome to read the last 3 chapters of 6/7/8 already available at

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