"The title song is Lim Young-woong'Women, Women, Women'"...  'Love Call Center' released the 43rd sound source

“The title song is Lim Young-woong’Women, Women, Women'”… ‘Love Call Center’ released the 43rd sound source

The album’Call Center of Love PART43′ is released. Provided by Showplay Co., Ltd.

The album’Call Center of Love PART43′ is released.

The songs sung by the cast in the 43rd episode of TV Chosun’s’I will sing the requested song-Call Center of Love’ (hereinafter referred to as’Call Center of Love’) will be released on various sound source sites at noon on the 23rd.

In this album, starting with Lim Young-woong’s’Female, Female, Woman’, which was selected as the title song, Jang Min-ho’s’Life’, Young-tak’s’Seoul, This is’, Kim Hee-jae’s’Where Are You’, and Lee Chan-won’s’Hate or Longing? A total of 5 songs are included.

The 43rd episode of’Love Call Center’, which aired on the 19th, was decorated as a special feature of’With the God of Acting’. Accordingly, Kim Eung-su, Min Woo-hyuk, Kang Eun-tak, Goo Hye-sun, Park Jin-ju, and Gal So-won appeared. The top six played a confrontation with the actors, and showed off a special chemistry by showing off a variety of duet stages on a one-to-one basis.

Lim Young-woong selected’Women’s Women’s Women’ by Seolundo, an authentic trot, and completed the stage with a cool singing ability and a crackling voice. Young-tak sang’Seoul, This is’ by Cheol-woong Jang. Young-tak captured the viewers by showing off a tone that fits the ballad.

Jang Min-ho sang Ryu Gye-young’s’Life’ with an appealing voice. Kim Eung-su, who watched the stage, admired, “I can never think that I would sing this song just by looking at my appearance.” Lee Chan-won, who selected Nami’s’Hate or Longing’, was admired with his unique scratching technique, and Kim Hee-jae set up a stage where the beauty stands out with Yang Soo-kyung’s’Where Are You’.

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