Graphic showing the wreck of a Titanic on the ocean floor. Photo: RMST.

The Titanic treasure hunting plan is controversial

Private company US first revealed plans to salvage the treasure in the wreck of Titanic but met many objections and controversy.

According to the new plan, RMS Titanic Inc (RMST), a private US company, will chisel the room roof on the deck of the Titanic wreck to recover internal artifacts, including the Marconi radio system, which is considered as “the world’s most famous radio station”.

RMST has been the owner of the RMS Titanic for nearly 30 years and is the only entity authorized to salvage artifacts in the wreck. To date, thousands of artifacts have been recovered by the company from the rubble surrounding the Titanic.

Retrieval of artifacts in the wreck of Titanic is considered the most important salvage operation since the ship was found in 1985. Bretton Hunchak, president of RMST, said the Titanic wreck was rapidly deteriorating, so it was necessary to “rescue” valuable internal artifacts for future generations before they disappeared forever.

Graphic showing the wreck of a Titanic on the ocean floor. Image: RMST.

“Of course we understand and respect the tragedy that happened. But the undeniable truth is that we need to share what we see with the rest of the world,” Hunchak said.

“Why are only a few scientists allowed to see these artifacts? It’s wrong to focus on just such a group of people. The Marconi radio system can help us know more about the last moment.” of the Titanic and the heroes who sacrificed that night.The ship is deteriorating and it will be too late if we do not take action now, so we will bring the Marconi system and many historical artifacts another out of the water “, Hunchak added.

RMST plans to use underwater robots to carry out this salvage plan. If successful, the Marconi system will be carefully preserved and displayed at Luxor casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, before being displayed around the world.

The plan, however, faced stiff opposition from activists and victims’ families, saying the wreck was like a mass grave. British and American governments on January 21 announced a “historic treaty” to protect the Titanic wreck from people visiting and hunting antiques.

During a visit to Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland and the place where the Titanic was built, British Maritime Minister Nusrat Ghani announced his refusal to grant a license to exploit and recover artifacts from the wreck. “An important agreement with the US on the preservation of the Titanic wreck means it will be respected and seen as the final resting place for more than 1,500 deaths in the shipwreck,” Ghani said.

A number of RMST sources said the company intends to “ignore” the British-initiated deal, saying it is under US jurisdiction. “The agreement, called the treaty, is completely unenforceable and has no weight in US law. The expedition of an American company certainly cannot be prevented by the British government,” one said. Regarding the plan of RMST said.

Under the ownership clause issued in 1993, RMST must be licensed by the judge before making each expedition. On January 20, RMST filed an application to salvage the Marconi system and hundreds of other objects in the Titanic wreck to a local court in Eastern Virginia, USA. The first hearing is scheduled this spring to review RMST’s application.

Titanic, the largest and most luxurious ship in the world’s maritime history, crashed into the iceberg while on a voyage from Southhampton, England to New York, USA on the night of April 14, 1912. The ship sank three hours later in the Atlantic and killed more than 1,500 people.

The Titanic was in the port city of Southhampton, England in 1912. Photo: Business Insider.

The Titanic was in the port city of Southhampton, England in 1912. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

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