The time for THE9's first concert is determined, and the days are very special, and a support service is a sky-high price!

The time for THE9’s first concert is determined, and the days are very special, and a support service is a sky-high price!

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As the first limited girl group created by “Youth with You 2” last year, THE9 is out of the circle, so once it debuts, the attention and topic volume can be said to be high, even with the hard candy girl 303 on the rival Goose Factory In comparison, there is nothing to lose, and even in terms of popularity, it is still crushing.

However, since the debut of THE9, there have been constant controversies. In the early days, individual players devalued domestic brands, and later talked about the topic of poppies. But the most serious thing is that members Yu said that many inappropriate remarks and black materials in the early amateur period were exposed. Even being absent from group activities for a period of time has also affected the development of the portfolio to a certain extent.

Although Yu Yan has now returned, she never expected that member Yu Shuxin would become the focus of public opinion again. Since the recording of “Young You 3” was in a sensitive city where the domestic epidemic had rebounded, all personnel were required to be isolated, but she The lack of isolation in accordance with the regulations has also left the group in a whirlpool of controversy once again. Although there are constant suspicions among members, the topics related to THE9 have still been very popular since their debut.

Now, during the upcoming Spring Festival, THE9 should also join other TV stations to record the Spring Festival Gala, but this time the agency has also given enough resources for the first female group to be created. At present, according to entertainment bloggers, THE9 will be after the year. The first group concert will also be launched. At the same time, the time has also been determined. As soon as the news came out, it immediately attracted the attention of many netizens.

Since in the past, the first two limited men’s groups, NINE PERCENT and UNINE, have not held concerts during the development period (except for the disbanding concert), it can be seen that the company treats men and women groups differently.

However, the day of the concert is very special. It will be sung online on March 15th. Since that day is Consumer Rights Day, many netizens ridiculed the rhythm of fighting for themselves, and also announced the watch. The price is 199 yuan for VIP users and 398 yuan for non-VIP users. In fact, the price is relatively reasonable.

However, the first concert of THE9 was criticized by netizens, because it was mixed with comics, sketches, magic, and acrobatics. It was a miscellaneous scene, and even thought that it could not meet the standards of the concert. At the same time, this time The promotional posters also showed the support services of the members. However, the price was as high as 1,500 yuan per person. This was also dissatisfied by many netizens. After all, the price was too high, and it was held on the 315th day. At such a high price, the purpose of collecting money is a bit too obvious.

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