The 'three delights' habit of leading Chinese to death

The 'three delights' habit of leading Chinese to death

Revealing the truth of the greed with the nickname "three delights" including love girls, money and superstition, former Chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Government Chu Minh Quoc had to face the death sentence for his crimes and crimes. cause.

Born in 1957 to a poor peasant family, Chu Minh Quoc overcame difficulties to rise up and advance as fast as the wind on the political path. He was even praised as a bright star in Guangdong politics.

Chu Minh Quốc when he was in office

Zhou Ming Quoc served as the Deputy Head of the Organization Committee of the Hainan Pearl Commission (then in administrative geography of Guangdong) since 1984, then served as the Deputy Chairman of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee in 1988. In 1993, he was sat in the seat of the Party Secretary Van Xuong and went to the Central Party School and became Vice President of Hainan Province in 1998.

In 2001, Chu Minh Quoc returned to Chongqing as a Standing Member of the Party Committee and the Director of the Public Security Department. In 2006, Zhou Ming Quoc was transferred to Guangdong as a Standing Member and Secretary of the Provincial Political Committee. In 2010, Zhou's officer was the deputy secretary cum chairman of the Guangdong Social Work Committee. Two years later, he held the position of Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee cum Secretary of Legal Affairs. In January 2013, Chu Minh Quoc became Chairman of the People's Republic of Guangdong Province.

At the 18th National Congress, Chu Minh Quoc was elected the Central alternate Commissioner. As a gifted person with a talkative and media-friendly attitude, Chu Minh Quoc is very popular with the press because he is ready to welcome journalists wherever he is.

However, when accused and involved in a corruption case, Zhou Ming Quoc was on the corruption investigation list of China's Central Discipline Inspection Commission in November 2014, with the sign " committing serious discipline ". A few days later, the official was removed from office many important leadership posts, expelled from the Chinese Communist Party and brought to trial before the law.

The 'three delights' habit of leading Chinese to death
Zhou Ming Quoc in front of the horseshoe rim

In May 2016, the Liuzhou, Guangxi Court officially opened the trial of Chu Minh Quoc and in November of the same year, he was sentenced to death for two years by execution for accepting bribes of 140 million people. RMB (about VND 490 billion).

According to court records, during the period from 2002 to 2014, Chu Minh Quoc took advantage of the positions he held to help 10 collectives and individuals to receive construction projects, exploit land and adjust their positions. The defendant, either directly or through his wife, Tran Van Tinh, received bribes of money and articles. In addition, he has assets of more than 91 million yuan (318 billion dong), but cannot explain the source.

The court determined that Zhouming had benefited others to receive particularly large amounts of illegal property, violated the integrity rules, and caused great losses to the country and the people.

Not only is a money-obsessed, Chu Minh Quoc is also a girl-lover. From the beginning of 1998 when he was Vice Chairman of Hainan province, although he had a wife and 5 children, he still had an affair, had children with other women and then tried to leave his wife and marry his mistress.

Not only that, this official was a very superstitious person. He reserved a large room next to the main door of his home to worship many idols.

The 'three delights' habit of leading Chinese to death
Chu Minh Quốc and Wang Feng "feng shui master"

Many people know the story of Chu Minh Quoc going to the airport to welcome and bow to Wang Lam's "master of feng shui" in front of everyone. Every Tet, he went to the benefactor Vuong's house to give presents.

In 2011, when Mr. Wang fell ill, Zhou sent him back to Guangzhou for medical treatment, arranged a room for a senior staff room, and donated a lot of gold coins. The reason is that Zhou believes he is promoted as a rocket thanks to the great work of this feng shui teacher.

However, ultimately all of these things did not help him avoid the harshest sentence.

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