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The third-party application on the iPhone is implicitly collecting personal data of users

Third party applications on the iPhone are accused of taking advantage of the background mode to collect user personal data and send it to monitoring servers.

After Google and Facebook, Apple in turn is accused of violating user privacy policies. When the US class action has just passed, Apple has sold down unused iTunes user information recently, according to The Washington Post, a series of third-party apps on the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad and iPod). touch) has been prosecuted to take advantage of the background mode (Background App Refresh) to collect and send user data to the company's tracking servers. Due to running in the background, the user's personal information is collected without knowing it.

These applications collect information including phone numbers, email, exact location of users, IP addresses and more.

On a recent Monday night, a variety of marketing companies, research companies and other personal data collection components received reports from my iPhone. At 11:43 pm, a company called Amplitude got my phone number, email, location. At 3:58 am, another company, Appboy, got my electronic fingerprint. 6:25 am, another "follower" named Demdex received a way to identify my phone and send a series of other "trackers".

This is really a shock to technology users, especially Apple fans, when Apple bites badly always claiming that he never interferes and the user's privacy issues. Even to respond to the CES 2019 event earlier this year, Apple even hung the banner with the slogan "What happens on your iPhone will only be at your iPhone limit," indicating that Apple has a respect for its own rights. Regardless of the user, no matter what.

Sforum - Latest technology information page DwGoq2uV4AA_Aov.jpg-large Third party iPhone application is implicitly collecting user personal data

Apple currently does not have any comment on this issue.

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