The theme song of "She, She, Girl's Generation" came to mind! Ten years of singer dream finally has a chance to rise

The theme song of “She, She, Girl’s Generation” came to mind! Ten years of singer dream finally has a chance to rise

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“Her Her Girl’s Generation” officially premiered today. The two main protagonists Tian Ruini and Li Sijie have not seen the audience for a while, and they have already collaborated on “Every Day Sunny” and “Only You”, I believe there will be something new The sparks brought to the audience are definitely worth looking forward to!

If you want to determine whether “Her Her Girl’s Generation” is a good drama, it is too fast to make a conclusion in the first episode, but one thing is certain, it is the theme song “Boyhood” of “Her Her Girl’s Generation” “Very beautiful, and the singer is the first solo theme song after ten years in the industry.

Stills of “She She Her Girlhood”. Li Guolin plays Tian Ruini’s father in the play. (Profile picture)

I believe everyone will have heard his name. His name is Zhou Zhikang. He is brothers to his elder brother Zhou Zhiwen who has left the nest. He joined the “Super Giant” in 2009 and has been in the industry for the tenth year. When he finally had his first solo song, Akang expressed his expectation in an interview, and said: “After ten years, I will explain to Fans, I have a song to sing. In recent years, I have done everything, filming dramas, Singing show hosts, variety shows, and food shows. My department has never given up on singing. As an acting career, many seniors are developing in the third line.”

Zhou Zhikang became a member of “Super Giant Sound”. (Profile picture)

During the ten years of TVB, Akon has been in contact with many areas. During the period, many people have asked him: “What do you want to do most, do you want to be surprised?” He believes that the purpose of survival in the entertainment industry is to survive. Just do everything! He does not refuse opportunities to those who come, and does not want to let him claim which way he wants to go, and what opportunities others should give you. He said: “Back then, I entered the business without any ethics and rushed to participate in singing competitions. Of course, my friends pushed me out. At that time, my grades were so poor, and I was out of the top twenties. Later, I got no chance. It was a big dyeing tank for ten years. Ten years were actually a benchmark year, but it was a lot of seniors who won’t get a report card in ten years. , We have a long life. You don’t know when it’s OK, but it’s been ten years since I had a lot of contacts and good friends. It’s good to sing a song in ten years.”

Zhou Zhikang is 29 years old this year.

Although he finally ushered in his masterpiece, Akang is not proud of it, but he knows how to be grateful: He said: “Turn around, if this song is my debut, or my experience It’s not enough for me to deal with this song, or I’ll find it easy, and I’m very grateful that I have this song. When the recording is finished, I will listen to the song together with the producer. If you dare to speak out, I was surprised that I would yell. Many singers and actors have very high demands on me. I feel so good after listening to them. I am moved.”

Zhou Zhikang often has a happy live with William Di to play music.

From “Super Giant” in 2009 to 2019, he did not survive as a “singer” in the entertainment industry, but more as an “artist”. One can not help but wonder if the fire of being a singer has been extinguished? No, Akang described himself as a “slow fire.” The fire has always been there, but it is not fierce. “Plus, I am not very good at music, and I can’t create it all day long, and I don’t have a record company to support myself. .”He said.

Every celebrity wants to become popular. Of course Akang wants to be popular. He even tried it. He said, “Actually, I think the red series is short. Back then, when we participated in “Superstar”, when the show came out, we really belonged to it. Everyone knows how many reds are. For example, when I go out in class, I will be surrounded by photographs. I have experienced all kinds of sweetness, and I am happy. But as for me, how much do I like about life? Generally, people in the same house eat meals, and if someone recognizes you for a long time, I love all the kindness. If you want to be popular, haha, you have to spend time for me, if it really comes true, I will take the subway.”

This time Zhong can work with two beautiful women.

Lin Xuanyu is one of the beautiful girls.


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