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Over the last few years, Chelsea boots have risen significantly in popularity—and for good reason. The extremely versatile boot just looks good on its own and pairs well with nearly every single outfit you can imagine. Since its creation in 1837, it went on to be considered the British equivalent of a cowboy boot, and then gained a second life thanks to little indie rock band called the Beatles.  The boots are still the same now as they were then: lighter materials, an elastic center, and a pull tab make it so the boots slip on and off with ease. Whether it’s full suede, leather, or rubber, we’ve rounded up ten of our favorite Chelsea boots on the market. There’s most likely something that will speak to you and once it does—you’ll wonder why it took you so long to get a pair in the first place.

1. New Republic  Chuck Suede Chelsea Boots


From the mind of Mark McNairy (one of menswear’s greatestand most beloved—fashion designers) comes New Republic. Self-described as offering “refined styles of men’s footwear,” New Republic sits at the perfect intersection of quality and price. Made from a rich and buttery soft suede, these chelsea boots have a soft and support insole that sits atop a natural crepe outsole. Those design details results in a final product that’s a minimalist, yet stylish, looking set of boots that will pair extraordinarily well alongside any outfit.

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2. Clarks Bushacre Hill Chelsea Boot


Moderately priced, the Clarks Bushacre Hill Chelsea boot is made from their textured beeswax leather to help give the shoe a polished and refined appearance. The dark tobacco leather contrasts nicely with the synthetic sole, adding a slight bit of pop to the piece. If you’re not sure about Chelsea boots, this neutral will pair with a ton of different outfits, so you’ll get a lot of use out of them.

clarks chelsea bootsCourtesy of Amazon


3. Steve Madden Aura Chelsea Boot


Inspired by the legendary Saint Laurent Wyatt Harness boot, these cognac suede chelsea boots from Steve Madden feel like a great sample in a rap song; a series of disparate elements that all come together to create something new and unique, the Aura is a great second choice for someone that already has, and loves, chelsea boots and just wants something a little different. Bound to make you stand out in a group, they’re perfect for a man looking to make a statement.

steven madden chelsea bootsCourtesy of Zappos


4. Dr. Martens Chelsea Boot


Relevant now just as much now as they were back in the 1980s, the Doc Martens silhouette has been a classic style shoe that’s just as beloved by punks as it is by fashionistas. The rugged, rubber sole is instantly recognizable, giving a slight military-inspired vibe to whatever other clothing you pair alongside them. Plus, as a chelsea-style boot, they’re easy to take on and off and durable enough to wear time and time and time again.

doc martens chelsea bootsCourtesy of Amazon


5. Hunter Original Waterproof Chelsea Boot


If you love the style and shape of a Chelsea boot, but want something that you can wear in the rain without having to worry about ruining it, Hunter’s “Original” Chelsea boot can withstand all kinds of nasty weather. With a strong rubber sole that provides plenty of traction and grip, you won’t slip and slide while walking along. While it’s great to wear as a commuting shoe on those days in which there’s a torrential downpour, they work just as well in the sun for those looking to play with textures in their outfit.


hunter rain chelsea bootsCourtesy of Nordstrom


6. Blundstone Chelsea Boot


Decidedly workwear in their look and structure, Blundstones are a rough and tough pair of boots. Expertly made to look to look as utilitarian as possible, Blundstones are decidedly chunky—but in stylish way. Originating from Australia, they’re seemingly a distant cousin of something like Red Wings or other similar heritage boots. The contrasting elastic inlay blue adds a nice bit of color, too.

Blundstone Chelsea BootsCourtesy of Nordstrom


7. Cole Haan Pinch Utility Waterproof Chelsea Boot


Sharp and smart, these waterproof chelsea boots from Cole Haan have a great contrast to them, thanks to an elevated, brighter outsole that’s nice and thick to keep your foot from any water that it may come in contact with. Furthermore, the interior footbed is lined with Cole Haan’s Grand.OS energy-foam that offers a strong, yet comfortable, foundation. And, as mentioned by its namesake, the lovely brown suede is totally waterproof and won’t loose its texture or softness if exposed to the elements.

cole haan chelsea bootsCourtesy of Nordstrom


8. Frye Sawyer Leather Chelsea Boot


Frye’s Sawyer chelsea boot is the first leather option on this list, which is fitting given the fact that the brand is well known for their quality craftsmanship when it comes to their leather. Unique in their design because of their dip-dye leather, the boots are then burnished by hand in order to give further richness to the shoe. Offering a rich texture, the leather will get better as it ages and as you wear the boot more.

frye chelsea bootsCourtesy of Amazon


9. Common Projects Suede Chelsea Boots


Essentially a luxury version of the New Republic Chelsea boots, Common Projects has built a name for themselves around making the best versions of men’s basics. What the shoe lacks in any sort of overt or flashy design features, it makes up for in superior quality and construction (they’re handmade in Italy to ensure to the finest levels of craftsmanship). Incredibly soft to the touch, they’re a stunning looking pair of boots that will elevate any outfit.

common projects chelsea bootsCourtesy of Mr. Porter


10. Church’s Prenton Leather Chelsea Boots


Known the world over for their fantastic, rich leather, Church’s Prenton chelsea boot is handcrafted in the Britain to provide the best quality possible. The jet black leather makes this a versatile option when pairing them alongside whatever outfit you may be wearing; feel free to dress them up or down, too—they’ll go with everything. With a comfortable, yet sturdy sole, you’ll want to wear them all day long.

churchs chelsea bootsCourtesy of Mr. Porter


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