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The technological evolution of games: the example of bingo

Games of chance have been around since time immemorial. However, they have not been exempt from changes. Throughout history, they have adapted to new developments, particularly technological ones, and have succeeded in reinventing themselves in each era. A good proof is bingo: a game already present in the memory of our grandparents, but that few people imagined only a few decades ago on a computer screen. The bingo online is, in fact, a clear example of this technological evolution.

Bingo: from Romans to Renaissance Italy

Although the data we have today on the origin of this game cannot be 100% confirmed, researchers often place the Roman era as the birthplace of bingo. It is believed that the ancient Romans already enjoyed this game which at the time had some differences from bingo as we know it today. Numbers and symbols have replaced the current numbers. Likewise, for the Romans, bingo combined the fun aspect of today with fundraising. It will take a few centuries, more precisely the 16th century, for bingo to acquire an aspect much closer to the present day. It would be in Italy and it would be baptized Giocco del Lotto d’Italia. If at the beginning, it was a game reserved for the upper class and the upper bourgeoisie, it quickly spread to the rest of Europe and gradually became democratized until it reached a more much of society.

The democratization of bingo

Of course, with democratization, bingo has become a very popular game, a popularity that has not ceased to exist through the ages. For decades, it was street and neighborhood entertainment, accessible in places like casinos. However, the most recent revolution in games of chance such as bingo has a lot to do with the technological revolution that we have seen since the appearance of the three www.

Online bingo: gambling and technology just a click away

The possibility of playing bingo from home was unthinkable a few decades ago. New technologies and the Internet have greatly facilitated our leisure time. For example, it is possible to install plugins on your WordPress site allowing you to play online or earn money by playing video games. This has allowed games like online bingo to have advantages that make them today’s favorites:

  • The possibility of playing at any time: to the possibility of playing from any place on the planet is added the possibility of playing during our free time, without being subject to specific schedules.
  • New players: The internet allows us to connect with people from across the globe, and the case of internet bingo is no exception. That way, whatever our play schedule, we’ll have other people ready to play as well.
  • Great variety: without a doubt, this is one of the most characteristic advantages of the Internet, an aspect which affects the great diversity of games as well as their derivatives.

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