“The Sword of the Sword”: We have also had domestic games that can “play”

Is this just a “Domestic Diablo Like” game? That was really a misunderstanding.

It is undeniable that Diablo 2 released by Blizzard North in 2000 has a profound impact on the entire game industry, whether it is the gameplay mechanism, operating logic or artistic style, or the world view of the plot. Two years later, Beijing Pixel Software The Sword of the Sorcerer is one of them.

In 2000, Blizzard “Diablo 2” was launched. With its unique and exquisite gameplay and deep and detailed game settings, it swept the entire game industry and became a “generation master.” And Chinese game manufacturers far across the ocean have begun to use it as an example to develop a “Dark Like” game. Xi Shanju’s “Swordsman Love” and the target software “Qin Wei” have come out one after another, intending to catch up with the world trend and compete with one of them.

While other game manufacturers are still thinking about how to localize the “Dark Like” and hope to add more Chinese cultural elements, Beijing Pixel Software has begun to improve the gameplay, hoping to bring everyone a refreshing and exciting battle experience, so that ARPG can also Play the “action game” refreshingly.

Finally, “The Sword of the Sword” was born.

This game is like its title interface: hardcore, shocking, and aggressive. Let people raise the knife to remove the devil, kill one person in ten steps (the demon), the desire to stay for thousands of miles.

This picture should be the childhood shadow of many people when they first started the game

The soul of ACT in the bones

Someone once said that “The Sword of the Sword” is “the diablo of China”. It is true that the two seem to be similar in appearance, but the core of the two is still different.

I believe that many people would choose women in those years

When it comes to “The Sword of the Sword”, whether it is an old player or a newcomer who has not yet entered the pit, the first impression will always be the refreshing combo. Unlike the “Diablo” walking around throwing skills, they are different Not skills, but moves that can be freely combined.

Three characters, four series of a total of twelve tricks, the first three styles to send cool nirvana, there are rigid straight, floating, investing, blowing fly, flying props and knockdown, no cooling time. Face the enemy, you can block, flash, fancy show operation.

Nirvana requires Alt Alt to be used

From the current point of view, the picture of “Sword of the Sword” is somewhat cheap.

However, from the beginning of the character’s moves, I still can feel the seriousness of the production team when they studied the action moves. There are light and heavy moves, fast and slow shots, and different strengths. The degree of rigidity and sound effects are also different. . Blocking will bring sparks of gold and iron collision, quick moves will bring afterimages, BOSS big moves can shake the entire screen. Blades / fists / Qigong hitting meat / ground / iron will produce different striking sound effects, and its richness can be said to make many games ashamed.

This game just feels so refreshing.

Even cooler things are still to come. After killing the enemy, if the Whip Corpse combo is continued, it will drop twice according to the number of combos. The higher the number of combos, the more the moves change, the higher the score, the better the drop. Does it sound more like a game that pursues gorgeous SSS?

Even the tricks are gorgeous

But note that there is an attribute called “sharp value” in “Sword of the Sword”. The higher the value, the higher the probability that the monster will be unloaded by eight pieces. “Broken limb” will affect the combo score. For combos, you need to minimize sharpness.

The amputation system is not just a visual impact, it will really affect the combat experience. Chop off the zombie head, it can’t spit at you; if you break the bear’s mace, it can no longer use tricks containing mace.

Up to the nose of the BOSS war elephant, Su Shiji’s double swords, down to the shield soldiers of the mixed soldier wolf spirit can cut, all will have an effect. Even if some monsters are cut in two, they can continue to lie on the ground to attack.

You really feel like you are in a real battlefield

This system looks complicated, but it is very simple with special guidance. The problem was that in order to prevent piracy at the time, the game put all the operating instructions in the physical version of the booklet. The game basically did not have any novice guidance, so that some people who started directly without looking at the instructions were confused. After being abused, they sprayed the game too much difficult.

At the time, IGN editors bluntly said that the game is really too difficult, and half of the evaluation text is difficult. For example, although you can block with Alt, you ca n’t sprint after running out of the endurance bar; you always knock down the monster every time you hit the fourth attack, and you ca n’t attack it; the monster ’s damage is so great, it will Caught and tossed you around, making you have to travel back and forth between the village and the battlefield to find supplies …

IGN gave 6 points that year

I used to guess that the review editor may not have read the manual …

Compared to battle, the game’s equipment system is much simpler, and piles of gems are just fine. Weapon + clothes on the character can hit up to 12 gems. Gems don’t pick locations, and special effects are not fancy. Most of them add basic attributes and can change the appearance of characters. The method of synthesis is also particularly simple. In Shen Wansan, there is a cornucopia, and throwing the corresponding materials into it is done.

Pixel Star

The core fun of “Sword of the Sword” comes from the “operational pleasure” like driving a “manual block” in the game, not just an acceptance link to equipment, skills, and player attributes. An “automatic car” that just wants to get to its destination quickly. Comfortable and relaxing, but less fun.

Many veteran players have been obsessed with “The Sword of the Sword” more than ten years ago because of such detailed research details. Just like people who like to drive, what they are obsessed with is the immediate and obvious operation feedback from the road and the body. The roar of the engine, the friction of the tires, and the crazy shaking of the body make people get on top.

Wonderful chaos

For an action game, “Sword of the Sword Seal” shows a very professional side in combat. To this day, there are still few domestic games to match. On the other hand, it has carefully carved out this weird world in many places. .

Compared with the beautiful and fairy-tale games of the same period, the style of “The Sword of the Sword” is more realistic. The building has a desolate temperament and the characters are quaint. The game’s detailed description of some “restricted” content can be said to be disturbing.

Monster description that cannot be seen directly

And this dark and depressed atmosphere is taken a step further in the third act of Hades. The ground is planted with a living tree that will bleed, and a strange rock with a dead body hanging on an iron hook. Person. Coupled with the stingy and weird BGM, this wild scene of the evil and chaotic world has become the childhood shadow of many people.

Looking at the sea of ​​skulls that make people feel hairy

In such a troubled world, magical things are happening constantly, waiting for your exploration.

Even when a gust of wind blows, you may not be able to run and stand still.

Basic weather system with snow when it snows and thunder and lightning when it rains

You will meet people from different eras. The game brings together celebrities from all ancient times (mainly during the Shang and Zhou dynasties), and Mo Xiangan and Bi Ganwenzhong have appeared on the stage. Most of the tasks for advancing the plot are quotations from the scriptures, helping the public lost class to find the wooden kite, to find Ou Yezi to cast the sword, to collect the seven-character Holy Spirit, the seven dexterous heart and so on.

For example, you have to help Qin Yue people step on the rat in her basement. The mice are extremely small and the room is extremely dark. It is necessary to step on a certain number of mice to pass the level within the prescribed time, which will increase the upper limit of mana. In fact, the female doctor who broke into the demon world alone was the divine doctor Bian Yan.

The dark room really hurts the eyes!

You can also experience the real “joy of fire” at Ge Hong. Dodge the fireballs sprayed from the surrounding faucets, absolutely training the ability to dodge. Feel that the fireball is not fast enough, you can continue to increase the difficulty!

You can also find the abused in the competition room near the government house, which is full of various BOSS + elite monsters + miscellaneous fish combination, so that you not only suspect who is the real behind-the-scenes.

You will also meet some people with character. For example, this Zhai Wu, also known as Mozi, will let you go to a house where evil dogs are everywhere to steal things. Dogs are fierce and can kill you in a few clicks, but you must keep to the Mohist’s belief of “love and offense”, and you cannot kill a person (a dog).

So much truth, why do you let me steal?

Many details are stacked just to let players understand that this world is mysterious and real.

If you want to live in such a world, you have to deal with it.

More real shemale wars

The enemies in “The Sword of the Sword” are not just a few lines of code that direct actions and let you randomly beat them. They have their own play and rules of action, and they can take your life if caught off guard.

The lynx, lynx, and flying knife monster are typical miscellaneous soldiers. They are always in groups, they don’t embrace you when they see you, they just spin around you. If you attack, they will fall apart; if you leave, they will chase you.

The enemy advances and I retreat, the enemy retreats and chases me, the enemy stays with me, and the enemy is tired. I beat me and saw the true guerrilla spirit on them.

In addition to the frontal battlefield, there is no shortage of ambush. The self-destructed zombies hiding in the ground, the toads and water ghosts hiding in the water, and a few archers hiding in the corners … Well, the tactics are all dirty.

Of course, we can also dirty the enemy. This little demon (that is, the treasure demon), under normal circumstances, you have no chance to touch it. But as long as you throw a broken stone and dart out, it will panic and come to pick it up. Even if you are conceived once, fortunately not dead, if you repeat the trick, it will still win.

Real junk guy (when you see junk, you can’t control it and want to pick it up)

The mobs are still so old, let alone the boss.

Flesh shield war elephant, two-dead ghost king, mixed doubles tiger tiger general. The rogue eagle king of air combat can’t fight against the air move completely. He has to wait for it to dive when he dives. The demon king has a lot of high-injury skills and will be killed by accident. The mage Wen Zhong can summon miscellaneous soldiers. Throwing spells in the distance depends on you.

If you think that the boss battles mentioned above are all plain, then the ultimate boss boss who can transform in two stages will definitely make you an eye-opener. It has the most abundant attack methods, AOE, tracking bomb, both near and far, can fly to the sky (literally), but if you cut off its hand … it will not be far from death.

Do you like the boss who can transform in two stages?

The lively characters and enemies make the entire “Sword and Seal” record immersive, and this is in turn serving the “dark depression” style of the entire game.

There is an emperor wearing a yellow robe and wearing a pig’s head in the beast’s path. He was guarded by three or five guards. He said that when he was alive, he was also a benevolent who had created a peaceful world. He was so good. Even if he fell to hell, he always wanted to kill him. When I went to the next door, there was a ghost-faced general. When they met, they called the emperor the dog emperor and the pig’s head. He was a covetous beauty, and it made the people of the world boredom. If it weren’t for the dog emperor’s fainting, how could there be his mess.

Who they are, they did not say in the game, but they have a little understanding of history. It should not be difficult to see that this plot is from the “Anshi Rebellion”. The Emperor Dog and the ghost general are Tang Xuanzong and Anlu Mountain. Players can choose to help the stunner or traitor to eliminate the other party. This choice is a bit subtle when neither side is a good person in the absolute sense.

Is it to help the uncle who once created the prosperous world but later indulged in women and ruined the country? Or a traitor who has helped build meritorious deeds and overthrow the emperor? “The Sword of the Sword” gives players a new perspective on history and provides an opportunity to “who is you, who will you support”.

Either people or demons, in the end they all have to be Fuxi.

This is the destiny of the irreversible era.

However, there are always people who do not believe their lives and try to break into the sky.

Eighteen years of pixel software

The 11 members of the pixel software startup team mostly come from the target software that produced the famous masterpiece “Qin Yuan”. The initial startup funds were also maintained by the group to collect money, and the art responsible for “Sword and Seal” was also Only 5 people.

Due to the lack of manpower, art resources are basically all hand-painted. Liu Kun, as the main beauty, is also nicknamed a pixel madman, and the requirements for each building are as fine as every pixel-“pixels are small but important”. It is the origin of the name of the pixel software company.

Fortunately, Centent Interactive, a Swedish game publisher, and Boya studio, an independent game team in Taiwan, helped one hand in time to solve the funding, manpower, and some design problems. It is almost impossible for “Sword Seal Magic Record” to complete the game in 9 months. of.

The “Sword of the Sword” was released in November 2002. The commercial results were not very good, and only 70,000 units were sold. After making several transitions in the game, a prompt to buy a genuine game will appear, showing the flood of piracy at the time.

However, “The Sword of the Sword” is still well-known both at home and abroad, and has launched game versions in many countries, which is sought after by many overseas players.

“Sword and Magic” Japanese game official website

The following year, Pixel Software launched the “Ancient Legends of the Sword and Seal”, which is equivalent to an expansion pack. It only changed the background of the story and the characters. Actually, there was little difference between them. However, in the plot design, it is obviously improved a lot. When the player finds that the BOSS that he killed for a long time is actually a “good man” with a seal demon, the reversal effect is excellent and has been praised by many players.

It is worth mentioning that, after many years, the later version of “The Sword and the Seal of Magic Records: Ancient Legends” also updated the adapted version of Windows 10 and landed in the Win10 store.

They still value the “sword” brand very much.

However, the tide of online games has come, and the times have changed.

In 2003, “Sword Online”, which was commissioned by Sohu, was closed for testing.

At first, in order to protect the balance of PVP, the pixel software used time card charges. Later, the agency Sohu decided to change the game to a free game and charge for items. The game was also renamed “Sword Hero OL” in 2006.

The two sides were divided, and Pixel Software sold the copyright of “Sword Online” to Sohu in exchange for all the shares of Pixel Software, making two cuts to make “Sword 2”.

But without the support of a large company, it is easy to talk about a large 3D online game. The producer Liu Kun later went to open a restaurant to subsidize expenses. Of course, this did not really help. Later, he still relied on “Finding Fairy” and Tencent After this difficult time, and completed the listing of the New Third Board. At this time, the pixel software is no longer a small workshop of more than a dozen people, and the financial report profit is from millions to tens of millions. “Finding the Immortal” has also produced a servant pet called “Pixel Heart”, I believe that many old swordsmen will be moved

I have to say that the artistic style of the early “Xunxian” is still very “sword” …

In 2011, “Sword 2” began testing, and the same year was open beta. Fine art still maintained the excellent level that the sword series should have, and the style of realistic martial arts was unique in the market dominated by Japanese and Korean aesthetics at that time. The operation also had the taste of the “sword” series, which was unique in that era.

However, this time has changed again. At that time, WOW, Jianwang III, DNF, CF, LOL and many other popular online games have occupied the market and page games and mobile games have begun to rise. At this time, “Sword 2” seems a bit “out of date”.

Pixel Software is also aware of the wave of the “Mobile Games Era”, so in 2016, it launched the mobile game “Sword and Weapon Spectrum”, and in 2017 it announced again that it was ready to launch a hand based on the “Sword 2” micro-film “Xiamenzhi” Swim “Sword 2 Chivalry.”

The old IP “Sword” has been developing, licensing, and developing new games over and over in their hands.

But hesitant to see the appearance of a new stand-alone work of “Sword of the Sword”.

Although this has commercial considerations, as a veteran player, I still feel a little coolness.

The more glorious the past, the more dim it is. Want to come is also booing.

Eighteen years of wind and dust road, bamboo stick mang shoes.

Better to close the sword and forget the rivers and lakes.

A different sorrow

I have to admit that “Sword of the Sword” is a game that is a bit hard to recommend-hard-core battles, dark and bloody pictures, coupled with depressed and chaotic plots, compared to those modern and beautiful pictures, The drama is emotional, and the domestic stand-alone games that are particularly easy to play are really not popular enough.

Its refreshing and fun is destined to be the happiness of only a few people.

Fifteen years ago, I recommended this game to others, and the response was: “It’s so hard!”; 10 years ago, I recommended this game to others, and the response was: “This looks terrible! I play I ’ll have nightmares when I ’m here ”; five years ago, I recommended this game to others, and the response was:“ Is n’t this TM a Legend? Do you play it too? It ’s $ 999? ”

Yes, times are changing.

No matter how classic and shocking a game is, it can’t escape the impact of the tide of time, and it gradually becomes another look in everyone’s eyes.

However, I believe that there is something immutable in this world.

Therefore, I still recommend “Sword and Seal”.

There are 1 said 1, indeed, fun!

Author: Jun Egg
Source: Game Research Club
Original address: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/sTYYW-pXBTdr94VuSf6mvQ


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