The “Sword and Expedition” project has 190 million reds, 2 million per capita

The new year is approaching. For many friends, it may be time to accept this series of soul tortures: Is the hairline okay? Did you lose weight successfully? Is there an object? But as a glorious hitman, our focus should be on more practical things, such as: how many year-end bonuses have been issued?

Recently, the news that “Lilith issued 190 million dividends” quickly became popular in the mobile game circle. According to the news, the total year-end dividend of the “Sword and Expedition” (AFK) project team is 190 million. If 90 people are counted, the average person will receive more than 2.11 million. At the same time, it is said that the 190 million yuan is just dividends, and the project awards have to be counted separately…The luxury year-end awards of others have become the most deadly blow in the torture of the workers’ souls.

At present, the news of Lilith’s “190 million dividends” has aroused crowds on the Maimai platform. The tone of the comments from the audience is also very consistent. Most of them are incarnations of lemon essence and shouting, “It’s sour,” even A friend in the game circle also said the famous saying “The clown is myself”…Here, I also have to insert a sentence: I am really sour with the 190 million dividends.

Welfare mad Lilith: From annual meeting prizes to epidemic prevention fund to 190 million dividends

Seeing that the company in the same industry is realizing the benefits, I believe that many friends have started to pick up lemons, but in fact, for Lilith, it is probably not enough for Lilith to only give lemons once, because the year-end benefits they issued this year are more than this. wave……

Earlier, it was jokingly called “game company internal volume”[就地过年]In the welfare link, the content of the welfare offered by Lilith is very popular: whether on the spot or returning to the hometown for the New Year, all formal employees can get a 6,000 yuan anti-epidemic fund. In addition, the company will also provide anti-epidemic supplies, on-site nucleic acid testing reimbursement, and remote office plans. And according to follow-up news, employees during the probation period of these benefits can also be received.

Although Lilith’s entry time for the “Inner Roll” is relatively late, the content of benefits is not less than that of other manufacturers, so that some employees say[真的就有种上学的时候老爸说“上学一个月花那么多钱,你是在度假吗?”然后反手转了更多的感受], Finally uttered the soul cry of “Don’t stop me, I will spend my old age with Lilith”…

In the subsequent annual meeting, the list of prizes disclosed is also very important.The special prize is a luxurious package including Sony TV, PS5, iPhone 12Pro Max 512G and iPad Air;[阳光普照]The first gear also provides Apple headphones, Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner, CPB essence eye cream, TF lipstick set and alien mechanical keyboard for your choice…

Until now, less than a week before the Spring Festival, the news of 190 million project dividends has been released again… It is worth mentioning that according to the replies of Lilith employees, the 190 million is only the dividend of the project. The project bonus still needs to be calculated separately, and less than 90 people are divided.

It is not difficult to find that at this year’s end, Lilith’s promotion of benefits is not “soft” at all, but the employees are a bit soft when receiving benefits. And I believe that many friends who are familiar with Lilith may have guessed the source of their confidence in their incarnation “welfare madman”: the company’s revenue performance in 2020 is really outstanding.

The confidence of the Hao Award: 2020 AFK estimates that it will rank TOP7 domestically and TOP6 overseas

So here comes the question: how fierce did the AFK that made Lilith pay out 190 million as a dividend last year?

According to the annual TOP10 list of domestic iOS revenue disclosed by AppAnnie earlier, AFK ranked TOP5 in the domestic product list, and Lilith also successfully reached the TOP4 vendor revenue list.

In the “2020 Global Mobile Game Competitiveness Report” jointly released by Gamma Data and Newzoo, AFK’s estimated turnover ranks domestic TOP7 and overseas TOP6 respectively.

Driven by the two big hits of “The Awakening of Nations” and “Sword and Crusade”, Lilith has become one of the most profitable game companies in China in 2020. The ranking of the top 52 global game manufacturers has also jumped from 27 in 19 to 12 in 20, becoming the most promising game manufacturer outside of the “bipolar” of Tencent and NetEase.

With such dazzling results, Lilith was naturally unrelenting when she initiated the bonus, and according to the mobile game, Lilith has formed a complete internal “dividend” mechanism-the Aladdin plan, so this time The Hao award is not due to the company’s “whipping up”.

It is reported that in Lilith’s “Aladdin Project”, a “full dividend” will be implemented on the profit of the project based on the share of the project, and corresponding rewards will be given to the project team members, and for the “veterans who have already participated in the project early “, even if you change to other projects in the future, you can still participate in dividends as long as you don’t leave the company.

Everyone is lamenting AFK’s strong ability to attract gold. For companies like Lilith that can share their achievements with their employees in a very “pragmatic” way, it seems to be more and more common in the gaming circle in recent years.

While the bosses in the game circle are making money, they don’t give you a holistic bonus in the employee welfare link, so they directly give out large bonuses for real money. This undoubtedly motivates employees to work harder. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the game industry can develop so quickly.

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