Suspected Nathaniel Berhow. Photo: Facebook / Nathaniel Berhow.
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The suspect shooting American schools died

Male student Berhow, 16, died in a hospital due to a severe injury after firing a gun at five of his classmates and shooting himself.

"Nathaniel Berhow died at the hospital on the afternoon of November 15," confirmed the Los Angeles sheriff's office, California.

About 20 minutes before school at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California, on the morning of November 14, Berhow took an 11.4 mm caliber semi-automatic gun from his backpack and fired bullets at five of his classmates before making himself. shoot yourself.

A 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy died at the hospital, while three other girls were injured. The suspect was also taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Suspected Nathaniel Berhow. Image: Facebook/ Nathaniel Berhow.

Berhow's death made it more difficult for investigators to determine the motive of the attack. "We know it was a deliberate, planned attack but it is currently unable to identify the motive," Los Angeles police chief Alex Villanueva said. "We have not been able to tell the link between the suspect and the victim," Villanueva added, sparking rumors that his ex-girlfriend was Berhow's target.

Berhow has never been bullied. The FBI previously said there was no evidence that the suspect had any ideological motive or action on behalf of any organization. The suspect also did not make a statement or leave a suicide note.

Berhow's deceased father owned six registered guns, but none fit the type of suspect used in the attack. "He went to the scene, shot five people and shot himself in just six seconds. This shows that the suspect used a good gun," Villanueva said.

Jared Axen, 33, Berhow's neighbor described the suspect as introverted, quiet and reserved, but still has friends and participate in sports activities. School records show that Berhow is a mid-level athlete. Male student Saugus described the suspect as a "good child".

Berhow's family life over the past few years has been very difficult. The suspect's parents divorced and the mother died of a heart attack in December 2017. The father was an alcoholic and was accused of domestic violence, but was not prosecuted for lack of evidence. However, Berhow and his father were very close.

Police took the injured to emergency after the shootings at Saugus school, california on 14/11. Photo: Australscope.

Police take the injured to emergency after the shootings at Saugus school, california on 14/11. Image: Australscope.

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