Two suspects Ronan (right) and Christopher Hughes. Photo: Essex Police.

The suspect once called the police

BrotherRonan Hughes, who is wanted, called the police to scout news shortly after container truck driver Maurice Robinson was arrested on October 23.

"Ronan Hughes called the British police on his cell phone after about 2:00 PM on October 23. He said he needed to talk to someone about Maurice Robinson and said Robinson was not involved in the illegal activity. What about containers, "a source told Mirror.

Two suspects Ronan (right) and Christopher Hughes. Image: Essex Police.

"We believe he tried to find out how much information the police had. He was willing to work with the police but he had cut off contact since then," the source added. .

Essex County Police on October 29 issued a warrant for wanted Ronan Hughes, 40, and his brother Christopher, 34, in the town of Armagh, Northern Ireland on charges of manslaughter and human trafficking.

Thirty-three bodies, including 31 men and eight women, were discovered in a refrigerated container truck driven by driver Maurice Robinson in the Waterglade industrial park, Essex County, on the morning of October 23. The driver has been accused of joining a global network of illegal immigrants who entered the UK in December 2018, but it is unclear whether the 39 cases on containers were connected to the line.

Robinson faces 39 charges of manslaughter, two charges of human trafficking and one charge of money laundering. The next hearing is scheduled for November 25 at the Old Bailey court in London. Three other suspects were arrested, including a 38-year-old man, a 38-year-old woman and a 46-year-old man, all on bail until November.

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