The strongest offlaner 7.28

The meta is still not really stable and the game will probably have many balanced patches in the near future, but today we will point out which are the strongest offlaners in the game right now. As before, this post will focus on pub meta statistics and what’s successful in the high ranks.


Dota 2: Top strongest offlaner meta 7.27d

Currently, it is difficult to play high rank offlaners in pubs without knowing how to play Beastmaster. If there’s a hero you want to learn when changing roles, Beastmaster is probably the most suitable name.

Obviously, Beastmaster is among the tough heroes, but with crowd control and strong hero skills, Beastmaster is probably the right hero to start learning micro. Also, the hero’s players don’t reward much gold or experience and have low cooldown, so losing them is not a big deal.

The hero’s success is higher at higher ranks: Beastmaster’s win rate and popularity increase with rank. This is always true and is also one of the reasons heroes are respected. Even when nerfed, the hero is still a good pick. Beastmaster requires understanding every aspect of Dota, but you won’t be severely punished for making mistakes.

Beastmaster is probably the best hero to learn right now. Right now, the hero is the most successful offlaner in 4k + games, thanks to a bit of a buff from Necronomicon from the previous update.


Offlaner Dota 2

If microphone, learning to play Dota and ‘try hard’ are not your thing, then Underlord is a name worth choosing. Among offlane heroes, Underlord probably has the lowest skill requirement while still being highly effective.

Underlord hasn’t changed much in the patch and neither has the win rate. Although the hero’s win rate gradually declines at high ranks, that number has never fallen below 51%. Even at its worst, the hero remains strong.

The other reason is simple: Underlord has a wave cleanup, dangerous aura, lane pushing potential, great macro ultimate, good control and ability to take damage. The hero also has a ton of gearing options. In more than 90% of the game you will need to build up aura items and team boosts, but depending on the enemy hero, the player can adjust their priority order.

If I don’t feel the need to ‘try hard’ but still want to win, Underlord is the best choice right now. In addition, this hero is also great for those who are not good at using complex heroes and high ping.


Offlaner Dota 2

Dark Seer is not as popular these days, but its win rate has never fallen below 52%. The hero is quite strong in the current meta. However, to promote their strengths requires teams to know how to coordinate. As a result, Dark Seer is strongest when you’re in a party of at least 2 people, so it’s three people or better, a stack of 5.

The current Dark Seer revolves around Aghanim’s Scepter, an item that needs to be picked up as soon as possible. +350 HP for Ion Shell from a green stick, combined with an increased duration as well as a charge is too good an upgrade. If Dark Seer previously wanted to reach level 15 as soon as possible (to get the talent), now the only thing DS needs is gold. With the way this hero farming, earning gold is probably the easier way.

However, just picking Dark Seer in the party just to increase HP for the current blood agility carries is a bit boring. Combine Dark Seer with Disruptor or Jakiro to create great combos, or Shadow Demon and Grimstroke for Dark Seer, so the opponent has to confront themselves first.


Offlaner Dota 2

High win rate, independent of lane support and strong late-game potential are criteria for solo players to pick Tidehunter. There’s one thing to be clear: the post doesn’t encourage you to be on Aghanim’s Shard early in the game. It is strong, but damage is not something the hero pursues in casual games.

This is an option that will strengthen the team later in the game, especially if the carry has trouble dealing damage. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize it, because in some games, Tidehunter has the potential to carry the whole game.

But it’s not your plan A: Tidehunter’s primary mission is always to create space for carry and open and overturn teamfights. It could be a potential Plan C, worth a try on your next solo, if the moment permits.

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